OSUA Press Release

April 28, 2007

Toronto, ON

April 27, 2007




Ontario Softball Umpires’ Association International Connections


Toronto: The Ontario Softball Umpires’ Association (OSUA) is pleased to announce that two of its officials will be attending the 2007 NAFA World Series in Des Moines Iowa.  The invitation is the result of negotiations between the two organizations, and an agreement that the OSUA would coordinate the participation of Ontario umpires with respect to NAFA events.


“This is an example of the kinds of benefits that the executive and other supporters of the OSUA envisioned when we decided to move forward in forming our own association,” explained Kirk Corkery, Chair of the OSUA.  “There are many opportunities that can be explored that appear to be beyond the scope and mandate of the current softball structure. “


The OSUA was established this year following a strong showing of support from the umpire community in Ontario.  An initial executive is in place, and while it is developing its programs and policies, by-laws have been drafted and members are joining from all corners of the province.


In addition to the relationship that has been formed between the OSUA and NAFA, other benefits such as an accident and liability insurance package, and member discounts for equipment at Honig’s have been arranged.


“The OSUA is intended to be an all-encompassing organization with the best interests of all umpires at its heart,” says Joel Balberman, Director of Membership for the OSUA.  “We really are only beginning to tap the potential of opportunities for us as umpires, and we are very excited about the future.  We are, as our motto suggests:  Umpires Working for Umpires!”


Details are still being worked out as to how the two officials will be chosen to represent the OSUA and the umpires of Ontario at the NAFA World Series.  Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting opportunity!


For more information on the OSUA, its objectives, benefits and other items of interest, out the website www.osua.ca


“Umpires Working for Umpires”

Ian Turnbull