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The Yankees Best Fastball Pitcher In 2020

December 24, 2020

The Yankees Best Fastball Pitcher In 2020

Yankees employed few standout arms in the 2020 season despite losing several projected contributors to injuries. Despite them not matching the depth of Kevin Cash's infamous stable, the upper echelon of yanking was capable of bringing the heat.


The injuries suffered by both Tommy Kahnle and Luis Severino rendered them ineligible for this year's honors. In 2019, the two players had the capabilities of approaching the century mark of the Yankees' finest fastballs. If you live in West Virginia, you can place your wager on the three fastest pitchers who made it to the list of the fastest players. They include Gerrit Cole, Aroldis Chapman, and Chad green. When the platform launches fully you will be able to place bets on a wide variety of sports.


A hypercar needs more than a turbo engine to win the race. That requires smooth transmission to use power efficiently and a steady hand to guide the wheel. Despite Cole, Champman, and Green showing the capabilities to reach the top elite speeds, they also extracted value from their varying abilities to create perceived rise and control the pitch.

Aroldis Chapman is the hardest thrower than the rest, though his velocity has regressed in the past few years. Chapman's average ball velocity is 97.8mph, followed by Cole with a fastball velocity of 96.7mph, and lastly, green with a fastball velocity of 95.5mph. Even when you factor in the point that the starter of this group, Cole, might cease from firing away on every pitch as Chapman might close out a game, his top-end was considerably lower than Chapman's.

Chapman's fastest pitch was 101.5 mph in 2020, and he cracked 100 in 15 of his 144 fastballs. On the other hand, Cole only did it once, despite throwing more than four times as many fastballs. In this category, Green lacks the juice to compete with the other two, as his fastest pitch of 2020 sat at 98.1 mph.

Despite Chapman having the best of Yankees, Cole had the most efficient transmissions. His average spin rate was ranked the 25th best in MLB, which was better than both Chapman and green despite Chapman and green throwing a ball more than Cole, Cole had the best fourth spin efficiency of 99%.

Cole's fastball gets a remarkable rise like Green and Chapman's. It runs to his arm-side a ton, 50% more than fastballs with a similar velocity and release point to Cole's, more than the other top-97 fastballs ranked by raising all the three players matched on the vertical plane. Still, Cole doubled Chapman's and Green's horizontal movement. Cole's fastball provides batters a more complex pitch to deal with, as each offering moves significantly on both the X and Y axes.

In terms of worth, the race between the three gets much closer. Despite Green's aesthetic deficits in velocity and movement, his fastball fared the best of the three against real live major league hitters in 2020. According to Baseball Savant's run value, per 100 fastballs, Green's fastball was rated as the ninth-best among all pitchers who faced at least 50 batters. Green wasn't much worse, according to xwOBA, when he finished in the fourteenth position with a 237.