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Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results

June 2, 2021

Coldwater, MI - - Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results

Coldwater, MI - - May 28-30, 2021


See the Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results below:

The AJ Masonry Sting from Wabash, IN won the 2021 Coldwater Early Bird Tournament. They finished with a 4-0 record and defeated the Bainbridge Bombers 1-0 in the championship game.  Tim Lawmaster (winning RBI in championship game) was named the Most Valuable Hitter and Agustin Fernandez (4-0, 56K)  was named the Most Valuable Pitcher.  Pool play results and game summaries are listed below.


Game Summaries:


Game 1

Lightning                  8

Bombers                  1

WP- S. Kelly       7K                  

LP- E. Martin    4K

HR- D. Skirka (Lightning)        


Game 2

Homer Aces               7

Bandits                       5

WP- B. Boyd      9K  

LP- Pernell         7K

HR- P. Sherman, B. Milheim (Aces); Davis (Bandits)


Game 3

Sting                          2

Explorers                  0

WP- A. Fernandez       16K (Perfect Game)

LP- J. Gwizdala       12K


Game 4

Homer Aces             10

Pride                          3

W- B. Boyd      9K

L- J. Eckman    6K

HR- J. Millspaugh, Y. Matros (Pride); B. Milheim 2, Hopkins (Aces)


Game 5

Sting                            7  (8 innings)

Bombers                     4

WP- A. Fernandez      13K  

LP- D. Martin      10K

HR- Bayliss


Game 6

Pride                     13

Bandits                 2

WP- B. Edwards     8K

LP- Pernell    1K

HR- Moreno (Pride)


Game 7

Lightning                      10

Explorers                      5

WP- S. Kelly     16K  

LP- J. Eurich     7K

HR- D. Skirka, D. Counterman, F. Bradford (Lightning)


Game 8 (Playoffs)

Bombers                     16                  

Homer Aces                10                     

WP- D. Martin    3K

LP- S. Damron    3K

HR- D. Martin, E. Martin, S. Gaut (Bombers); B. Milheim, J. Sherman, Hopkins, Botti (Aces)


Game 9

Explorers                      10

Wabash Pride                4

WP- J. Gwizdala    8K

LP- J. Eckman      9K

HR- J. Krenzke, J. Nowaczyk (Explorers)


Game 10

Lightning                         9

Bandits                            6

WP- S. Kelly    16K

LP- Pernell     2K   

HR- B. Skirka, C. Rivard, R. Saylor (Lightning); Hostetler 2 (Bandits)


Game 11

Sting                             2

Explorers                     1

WP- A. Fernandez    15K

LP- J. Gwizdala     12K

HR- Bayliss (Sting)


Game 12

Bombers                         10

Lightning                         7

WP- D. Martin     6K

LP- S. Kelly     10K

HR- D. Martin, D. Milheim, C. Scott (Bombers)


Game 13 (Championship)

Sting                       1

Bombers                0           

WP- A. Fernandez     12K (Perfect Game)

LP- E. Martin     3K

Final Standings:
1. Wabash Sting (4-0)
2. Bainbridge Bombers (2-3)
3. Marshall Lightning (3-1)
4. Midland Explorers/Brewers (1-3)
5. Homer Aces (2-1)
6. Wabash Pride (1-2)
7. Wabash Bandits (0-3)

Sean Kelly
Coldwater, MI






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