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Molly Sherman Tournament Results

June 28, 2021

Elkland, PA - -  Molly Sherman Tournament Results




Game 1: Weaver painting 5, WP Jeff Mayer
               Hillbilly's Woodworking 4, LP Mike Funk

Game 2: Schuylkill Smoke 12, WP Joe McCarthy
               Williamsport 5, LP Taylor Tate

Game 3: Sauder Trucking 16, WP Kenny Newswenger
               518 Brewers 0, LP Andrew Bombard

Game 4: NY Bombers 5, WP Zack Shirk
               Kelly's 3, LP Albert Lang

Game 5: Bear Bottom Lodge 15, WP Willie Weiler
               Weaver Painting 2, LP Dan Moyer

Game 6: Schuylkill Smoke 7, WP Buck Gilbert
               Fisher's 6, LP Jerlin Rutt

Game 7: Williamsport 6, WP Taylor Tate
               518 Brewers 4, LP Rafael Ramos

Game 8: Kelly's 14, WP Darren Rutledge
               Hillbilly's Woodworking 1, LP Mike Funk

Game 9: Fisher's 7, WP Jerlin Rutt
               Weaver Painting 0, LP Jeff Mayer

Game 10: Hillbilly's Woodworking 10, WP Ricky Ski
                 Weaver Painting 3, LP Dan Moyer

Game 11: Kelly's 6, WP Darren Rutledge
                 518 Brewers 3, LP Rafael Ramos

Game 12: Williamsport 7, WP Taylor Tate
                 Hillbilly's Woodworking 0, LP Ricky Ski

Game 13: Kelly's 2, WP Albert Long
                 Fisher's 0, LP Phil Zimmerman

Game 14: Bear Bottom Lodge 7, WP Juan Castro
                 Sauder's Trucking 3, LP Cody Martin

Game 15: NY Bombers 6, WP Brad Kilpatrick
                 Schuylkill Smoke 4, LP Bad Godshall

Game 16: Schuylkill Smoke 5, WP Brad Godshall
                 Williamsport 4, LP Taylor Tate

Game 17: Sauder Trucking 12, WP Kenny Newswenger
                 Kelly's 0, LP Darren Rutledge

Game 18: NY Bombers 6, WP Brad Kilpatrick
                 Bear Bottom Lodge 2, LP Juan Castro

Game 19: Schuylkill Smoke 9, WP Brad Godshall
                 Sauder Trucking 7, LP Cody Martin

Game 20: Schuylkill Smoke 9, WP Brad Godshall
                 Bear Bottom Lodge 7, LP Juan Castro

Game 21: NY Bombers 10, WP Brad Kilpatrick
                 Schuylkill Smoke 2, LP Brad Godshall

Tournament Champion: NY Bombers ($1000.00 Prize)
Tournament Runner Up: Schuylkill Smoke ($500.00 Prize)
Most Valuable Pitcher: Brad Kilpatrick (NY Bombers)($50.00 Prize)
Most Valuable Player: Mike Avery (NY Bombers)($50.00 Prize)

Ugo Barbano, ESA Scorer





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