1999 Waterloo Twins Suited up at Field of Dreams

August 18, 2021

Dyersville, IA - - 1999 Waterloo Twins Suited up at Field of Dreams

Long before Major League Baseball decide to host a major League game in Dyersville, Iowa, the Waterloo Twins suited up and posed for this incredible photo.

The Twins were returning from the ISC World Tournament in Sioux City, having taken their no budget team on a great run and going 5-2 on their way to a fifth place finish.
1999 was the breakout World Tournament for a hard throwing and young Rob Schweyer who earned a second team All-World selection. Ironically,  it was in a losing cause that his best game of the week was showcased. Locked in a 0-0 battle with legendary Farm Tavern and their ace Paul Algar, Schweyer followed Twins catcher Craig Crawford's every call to keep the game scoreless into the late Manning's. With the bases loaded, 2 out and a 3-2 count, the Fastball God's smiled on the Farmers and a controversial call for ball 4 walked in the only run of the game in an eventual 1-0 final.
This was an era when many teams travelled by car or van to play the game across North America. The Twins were finally eliminated on the final Saturday by the Heflin Smokers and hit the road for home in vans loaded with dirty uniforms and happy memories of a great World Tourney.
As luck would have it we only made it a short ways before making the call to spend the night near Dyersville so we could visit the Field of Dreams en route. To say it was magic would be an understatement. Manager Larry Lynch told his team to suit up as we pulled into the diamond surrounded by corn fields and the legendary house and bleachers looking on. Everyone walked the field, ran the bases and played catch in full Twins uniforms. The lucky ones, Craig Crawford and Scott Smith played catch with their dad's. 
As the morning wore on buses of fans started to arrive, they thought we were the Minnesota Twins ! The seniors were thrilled to see us on the field. When we had our photo taken  a couple of the guys who had been extras in the movie joined us, coming out of the corn to stand beside us.
That was an incredible time for country ball players , playing for the love of the game. Twenty-two years later only Rob Schweyer  still plays at the ISC level...he has won numerous World Championships and earned a number of All-World designations but it started during a magical week that none of us will ever forget.
Best of luck in your pursuit of another World title Robert, you have had quite a career. The Yankees and White Sox will certainly have a great day in Dyersville, Iowa this week but I doubt it carries the magic we shared and charged no admission to see.
Larry Lynch
ISC Hall of Fame, 2007


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