Palm Springs Brackets and Pools - REVISED

May 9, 2007

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Brackets and Pools

Palm Springs, CA

May 19-20, 2007

Hello All, We Have Finally Finished Our 2007 Casa Trejo Palm Springs Classic Tournament Pools And Brackets For May 19 & 20. We Have A 14 Field Team So We Have Two Pools Of 7 Teams Each, We Would Like To Thank The Lumberkings And The River Rockers For Playing 1 Extra Game On Saturday To Help Out With The Schedule. City




Mountain Pool                                                                   

So Cal Bombers                                                                 

Vancouver Grey Sox                                                        

Houston Aces                                                                    

River City Rockers                                                           


Taylor Farms                                                                      .

So Cal Tribes                                                                     



Desert Pool                                      

Circle Tap

Portland Demarini

Pueblo Bandits

Lumber Kings

Young Bucks


Larry Miller Hogs

Field 1    

8:00 Am------I.A.C. V Young Bucks
10:00 Am----So Cal Bombers V Taylor Farms
12:00 Pm----Pueblo V I.A.C.
2:00 Pm------So Cal Bombers V Houston Aces
4:00 Pm------So Cal Bombers V River City Rock
6:00 Pm------River City Rockers V Houston Aces

Field 2   

8:00 Am------Lumber Kings V Larry Miller Hogs
10:00 Am-----Lumber Kings V Portland Demarini 
12:00 Pm-----Circle Tap V Portland Demarini
2:00 Pm-----Taylor Farms V Panteras
4:00 Pm-----Taylor Farms V Vancouver Grey Sox
6:00 Pm-----So Cal Tribes V Vancouver Grey Sox

Field 3   

8:00 Am---Vancouver Grey Sox V Panteras       
10:00 Am---River City Rockers V Panteras  
12:00 Pm---River City Rockers V So Cal Tribes 
2:00 Pm---Larry Miller Hogs V Pueblo Bandits      
4:00 Pm---Larry Miller Hogs V Portland Demarini  
6:00 Pm---Young Bucks V Pueblo Bandits  

Field 4   

8:00 Am---So Cal Tribes V Houston Aces
10:00 Am---Circle Tap V Young Bucks
12:00 Pm---No Games
 2:00 Pm---Lumber Kings V I.A.C.
4:00 Pm---Lumber Kings V Circle Tap
6:00 Pm---No Games

Top 4 From Each Pool Advance To Upper Bracket Championship Play

Bottom 3 From Each Pool Advance To Lower Pool Championship Play

River City Rockers & Lumber Kings Throw Out Worst Game For Seeding


Thank You And Hope To See You In Palm Springs........Ralph Jr.



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