ISC Qualifying - Use of Pickup Players

May 13, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT

There have been questions recently, about using non-rostered players in ISC and ISC II qualifying tournaments.  This note is being sent to clarify the situation.
There are two means of securing an ISC or ISC II berth:  1. Qualifying and 2. becoming eligible to be invited.
For any team to outright win an ISC berth, they must play in the qualifying event with only their teams rostered players.  No pickups.
If a team chooses to use pickup players from another ISC or ISC II team, they cannot win a berth from that qualifying tournament but by having participated in the qualifier, the team becomes eligible to be invited to the ISC World Tournament or ISC II Tournament of Champions.
The logic behind this is:  a player rostered with team A can't help team B win a berth.
If this doesn't answer everyone's questions, please let me know.

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