Millgrove Early Bird Tournament Results

May 17, 2007

Milgrove, ON

Millgrove, Ontario
Friday May 11

Waterdown Hammer 9 (wp Rod Favreau)
Waterloo Jrs 0 (lp ?)

Bridgeport Braves 5(WP Don Harris)
Hamilton Hawks 3(LP George Topp)

Kitchener Outlaws 9(WP Dan Martin)
Millgrove Target 0(LP Cory Griffith)

Rockwood Rush 7(WP Mike Pinder)
Northern Explorers 0(LP Todd Parson)

Bucktown Bees 2
North York Steelers 2

Scarborough Wolverines 9(WP G Dalgardo)
Dunnville Thunder 0(LP B Harvey)

Saturday May 12

Bridgeport Braves 2 (WP Casey Halstead)
Millgrove Target 0 (LP Rick Hames)

Kitchener Outaws 5 (WP Calvin)
Hamilton Hawks 0 (LP Duane Singer)

Palermo Athletics 4(WP Jason Giffen)
Toronto Royals 0 (LP Dorrington)

Waterdown Hammer 6(WP Jim Hurst)
Bucktown Bees 1 (LP ? )

North York Steelers 7 (WP Tre)
Waterloo Jrs 0 (LP A Mclean)

Palermo Athletics 8 (WP Chad Reed)
Northern Explorers 0 (LP Eric Abitong )

Rockwood Rush 8 (WP Kyle A)
Toronto Royals 5 (LP Glen Dorrington)

Bridgeport Braves 5 (WP Todd Winkworth)
Scarborough Wolverines 0 (LP Putnam)

Millgrove Target 8 (WP Cory Griffith)
Dunnville Thunder 5 (LP Brian Weaver)

Waterdown Hammer 7 (WP Drew Hathaway)
North York Steelers 0 (LP ? )

Bucktown Bees 7 (WP P Martin)
Waterloo Jrs 5 (LP A Mclean)

Kitchener Outlaws 3 (WP Alli)
Dunnville Thunder 2 (LP Segail)

Scarborough Wolverines 4 (WP G. Dalgamo)
Hamilton Hawks 1 (LP Matt Sommerville)

Toronto Royals 1 (P Marvin)
Northern Explorers 1 (P Chris)

Palermo Athletics 0 (P Gord Scott)
Rockwood Rush 0 (P Todd Urig)

Sunday May 13th, 2007

Playoff Round

Kitchener Outlaws 14 (WP Dan Martin)
North York Steelers 0 (LP Tracy)

Palermo Athletics winners (WP TBA)
Scarborough Wolverines losers (LP TBA)

Bridgeport Braves winners (WP TBA)
Rockwood Rush loser (LP TBA)

Waterdown Hammer 11 (WP Drew Hathaway)
Millgrove Target 1 (LP Rick Hames)

Semi Finals

Kitchener Outlaws 8 (WP Dan Martin)
Palermo Athletics 5 (LP Gord Scott)

Bridgeport Braves 9 (WP Todd Winkworth)
Waterdown Hammer 2 (LP Jim Hurst)

Championship Game

Kitchener Outlaws 6 (WP Dan Martin)
Bridgeport Braves 3 (LP Todd Winkworth)

Final order of finish .....

1st - Kitchener Phoenix 6-0 scored 45 runs allowed 10 Dan Martin 4-0
2nd - Bridgeport Braves 5-1
T3rd - Waterdown Hammer 4-1
T3rd - Palermo Athletics 3-1-1
T5th - Rockwood Rush 2-1-1
T5th - Scarborough Wolverines 2-2
T5th - North York Steelers 1-1-1
T5th - Waterdown Target 1-3
T9th - Bucktown Bees 1-1-1
T9th - Toronto Royals 0-1-2
T9th - Sagamok Northern Explorers 0-1-2-
T9th - Hamilton Hawks 0-3
T9th - Dunnville Thunder 0-3
T9th - Waterloo Jrs. 0-3
Great early season tournament, well organized by Dave Benallick and the Waterdown Hammer.
Yours in Sport
Dave Birnie
E-mail : dbirnie(at)cogeco(dot)ca

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