Dick Tracy Tournament Schedule

May 18, 2007

Rockford, IL

For Immediate Release
Rockford, IL.

Here are the pool pairings, game times and bracket pairings for this weekend's Dick Tracy Tournament being held in Rockford, IL.  

Game Times:

game 1 10:00
game 2 11:30
game 3 1:15
game 4 3:15 2nd place vs 3rd place
game 5 5:00 1st place vs winner game 4

1st place
1 record
2 head to head
3 run differential max of +7 per game

Pool A
G1 Blackhawk AC Rockford vs Dolan +Murphy Aurora
G2 Rice Creek Lightning Marshall,Mi vs Doaln +Murphy
G3 Rice Creek Lightning vs Blackhawk AC
G4 2nd place vs #rd Place
G5 1st Place vs W G4

Pool B
G1 Duncan Outlaws Elkhart,Ind. vs Thomson,Il
G2 Duncan vs Bloomington Stix
G3 Bloomington vs Thomson
G4 2nd place vs 3rd place
G5 1st Place vs W G4

Pool C
G1 Red Dog Brodhead,WI. vs Rock Valley college Rockford
G2 Gators Goshen,Ind vs RVC
G3 Gators vs Red Dog
G4 2nd place vs 3ed place
G5 1st place vs W G4

single elim
9:00 game 1 C1 vs B3
9:00 game 2 B2 vs A3
10:30 game 3 A2 vs C2
10:30 game 4 B1 vs C3
12:00 game 5 A1 vs W G1
12:00 game 6 W G3 vs W G4
1:30 game 7 W G2 vs W G5
3:00 game 8 W G 6 vs W G7

Tim Hatten
Rockford, IL.

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