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Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament - Results

August 2, 2022

Kitchener, ON - Peter Hallman Memorial Tournament

We are NOT at the tournament but are receiving results from a variety of sources and posting them as best we can as they are received.




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   from Blair and ISC Team:


Hill United Chiefs 15
Kingston Axemen 0
WP Adam Folkard
LP Clayton Robinson, relief Jordan MacDonald

New York Gremlins 9
Toronto Batmen 2
WP Josh Pettett, relief Andrew Kirkpatrick
LP Tyler Randerson, relief Greg Hammell

Bear Creek Express 11
Grande Prairie Pirates 1
WP Justin Schofield, relief Riley Manion
LP Zach Pierce, relief Patrick Burns

Niagara Stompers 4
Kitchener Hallman Twins 3 - 9 innings
WP Kyle Linton in relief of Joran Graham, Ryan French
LP Martin Gonzalez in relief of Huemul Mata

Bear Creek Express 7
Kingston Axemen 0
WP Max Montero
LP Jordan MacDonald, relief Chase O'Halloran

Hill United Chiefs 3
Grande Prairie Pirates 2
WP Pablo Migliavacca, Save Adam Folkard
LP Ryan Shields, relief Zach Pierce

New York Gremlins 10
Niagara Stompers 1
WP Andrew Kirkpatrick
LP Pita Rona, relief Ryan French

Kitchener Hallman Twins 11
Toronto Batmen 2
WP Martin Gonzalez
LP Greg Hammell, relief Tyler Randerson

Grande Prairie Pirates 8
Kingston Axemen 1
WP Zach Pierce LP Jordan MacDonald 


Hill United Chiefs 7
Bear Creek Express 6 - 8 inn
Chiefs score 4 in B7 to tie
WP Pablo Migliavacca in relief of Adam Folkard
LP Max Montero in relief of Justin Schofield


Kitchener Hallman Twins 4
New York Gremlins 3
WP Huemul Mata
LP Sammy Villalvazo, in relief of Josh Pettett


Toronto Batmen 5
Niagara Stompers 4
WP Tyler Randerson
LP Kyle Linton relief Joran Graham




New York Gremlins vs Grande Prairie Pirates

Bear Creek Express vs Toronto Batmen


Game 13

Bear Creek Express WINS against Toronto Batmen
Score: 8-5
WP: Maxi Montero
LP: Greg Hammel

Game 14

 New York Gremlins WIN against Grand Prairie Pirates
Score: 9-5
WP: Andrew Kirkpatrick
LP: Zach Pierce


Game 15

Hill United Chiefs WIN against New York Gremlins
Score: 5-4
WP: Paplo Migliavacca
LP: Andrew Kirkpatrick


Game 16

Hallman Twins WIN against Bear Creek Express
Score: 5-3
WP: Huemel Mata
LP: Reilly Manion




Kitchener Hallman Twins vs Hill United Chiefs

Martin Gonzalez vs Nick Patrick




Hill United Chiefs 3

Kitchener Hallman Twins 1

WP Nick Patrick, relief Adam Folkard, Patrick, Save Pablo Migliavacca

LP Martin Gonzalez, relief Marshall Kronk

Congratulations to 2022 Hallman Memorial Champions Hill United Chiefs


This weekend at Peter Hallman Ball Yard the
Hill United chiefs picked up their first major of the year in Kitchener this weekend. 


  They defeated The Hallman Twins  3 to 1 in regulation 7 innings.

The Chiefs defeated the New York Gremlins 5 to 4 to reach the finals.  
Kitchener's Hallman Twins qualified for the final with a 5 to 4 win over Bear Creek Express from Melborne On.
These teams will meet on South Bend Indiana next weekend and on to the Worlds in Quad Cities Illinois the following week

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