Jarvis Merchants Fastball Challenge with daily results

May 21, 2007

Jarvis, ON

Jarvis, ON

May 18-21, 2007


Jarvis Merchants Tournament results for Friday

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Jarvis, ON

May 18

Intermediate Results:
Game # 1     Jarvis Rock  1   vs    Caledonia Soxs   4
     W.P.  Kevin Smith
      L.P.   Greg Bacher
Game #2       Fisherville "A's"  5  vs  Cayuga Rebels  6
      W.P.   Brent Fehrman
       L.P.    Mike Hartwick
Senior Results:
 Game #3      Frankenmuth  7 vs    Scarborough
                                                    Wolervines      3
      W,P.   Blair   Ezekiel
        L.P.    Rob Bennett
Game #4          Jarvis Merchants  10 vs Scarborough
                                                           Royals     0
      W.P. Scott Wagar
       L.P  Andy   Skelton
Bill Lindsay
Jarvis Merchants

Results for Saturday at Jarvis Tournament.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jarvis, ON


Saturday, May 19 - 2007

Game #5  Senior
Niagara Snappers 3 vs Frankenmuth  5
W.P.   Jason Hill
L.P.     Bryon DeMoe
Game #6    Senior
Jarvis Merchants 2 vs Scar. Wolverines 4
W.P.   Matt Leahy
L.P.      Brian Urquhart
Game # 7   Senior
Niagara Snappers 4 vs Scar. Royals  3
W.P.   Mike Bateman
L.P.      Andrew Scott
Game #8 Intermediate
Simcoe Jrs. 9 vs Ohsweken Redmen  4
W.P.  Luke Raymer
L.P.   Wayne Green     
Game #9 Senior 
Scar. Royals  3   vs Scar.  Wolverines  2
W.P.   Andy Skelton
L.P.   Andrew Putman
Game # 10   Intermediate
Jarvis Rock 3  vs Cayuga Rebels 2
W.P.  Dave Martin
L.P.    Brent Fehrman
Game #11  Senior
Jarvis Merchants 10  vs Frankenmuth  3
W.P. Scott Wagar
L.P.   Blair Ezekiel
Game #  12 Intermediate
Fisherville A's  5  vs  Ohsweken Redmen 0
W.P.  Chris Kett
L.P.   Wayne Green
Game # 13 Senior
Niagara Snappers 4 vs Scar. Wolverines 7
W.P.  Rob Bennett
L.P.  Perry Bartley
Game # 14  Intermediate
Simcoe Jr's  8  vs Caledonia Soxs  4
W.P.  Ryan Gill
L.P.    Ken Kragten
Game # 15 Senior
Frankenmuth  12  vs Scar. Royals    4
W.P.   Jason Hill
L.P.  Andrew Scott

Bill Lindsay

Jarvis Tournament Results for Sunday

Monday, May 21, 2007

Jarvis, ON

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Game # 16 Senior
   Jarvis Merchants    9  vs Niagara Snappers 1
W.P.  Brian Urquhart
L.P.     Jay  Paylove
That finishes the  Round Robin portion. the standings are
Jarvis Merchants     3 Wins       1  Loss
Frankenmuth          3 Wins       1  Loss
Scar. Wolverines    2 Wins       2  Loss
Niagara Snappers   1 Win         3  Loss
Scar. Royals          1 Win         3  Loss
Play Offs start
Game #17  Semi
Jarvis Merchants   6  vs Niagara Snappers  5
W.P.  Scott Wagar
L.P.   Mike Bateman

Game # 18    Semi
Frankenmuth  9  vs Scar. Wolverines  2
W.P.    Paul Koert
L.P.      Matt Leahy
Game #  19 Finals
Frankenmuth    11  vs Jarvis Merchants  2
W.P.  Paul Koert
L.P.    Brian Urquhart
Congratulation to the boys  from Frankenmuth ..
Game # 20  Intermediate
Simcoe Jr.'s   3  vs   Cayuga  5
W.P.   Scott Marshall
L.P.  Luke Raymer
Gamev #  21  Intermediate
Jarvis Rock   7   vs Ohsweken  Redmen  5
W.P. Greg Bacher
L.P.  Luke Hill
Game #   22  Intermediate
Fisherville A's  4  vs Caledonia Soxs 13
W.P.  Kevin Smith
L.P.  Dan Anthony
Round Robin Standings
Pool  "A"
1      Jarvis Rock               2 Wins          1 Loss
2       Simcoe Jr's              2 Wins          1 Loss
3       Fisherville "A's"         1 Win           2 Losses
Pool    "B"
 1Cayuga   Rebels              2 Wins          1 Loss
 2  Caledonia  Soxs            2 Wins          1 Loss
 3   Ohsweken Redmen      0  Wins          3 Losses
Play Offs start Monday morning at !0:00 am
 Bill Lindsay

Jarvis Tournament Results for Monday

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Jarvis, ON
Monday, May 21

Intermediate Play Offs Results
Quarter Finals 
Simcoe Jr's   6  vs Fishersville "A's"  4
W.P.  Luke Raymer
L.P.    Dan Anthony

Caledonia Soxs   6 vs  Ohsweken Redmen  5
W.P.  Ken Kragten
L.P.   Wayne Green
Semi Finals
Jarvis Rock  6  vs  Simcoe Jr's   5
W.P.   Dave Martin
L.P.     Ryan Gill
Cayuga Rebels   9  vs  Caledonia Soxs    2
W.P.    Terry Fehrman
L.P.      Kevin Smith
Jarvis Rock    7  vs    Cayuga     2
W.P.     Dave Martin
L.P.       Scott Marshall
Congratulations to the boys from Jarvis for winning the Intermediate side of the Tournament.
Thanks to the volunteers who make this event a sucessfull
event.  also to all the teams that played excellent fastball despite the cold weather.  There was some very close exciting games despite the cold weather.
Bill Lindsay
Jarvis Merchants


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