Wisconsin Classic League

May 26, 2007

Denmark, WI

Wisconsin Classic League
at Circle Tap, Denmark, WI
May 25, 2007
Game #1---------------------------------R-H-E-lob
Townline, Green Bay-----050 32-----10-12-0-4
The Bar of Green Bay----000 00------0-0-2-4
WP-James Darby(1-0) 5.0-0-0-0-3-12
LP- Mike Roberts (0-1) 5.0-12-10-10-1-2
Nick Shailes----------4 x 2-3-2-----HR
Frenando Petric-----4 x 1-1-2-----3b
Wayne Laulu--------2 x2-1-3------2b,HR
Aaron Neemia-------3 x 1-1-1------HR
Jon Zipperer---------2 x 1-1-0
Jim Corbett----------3 x 1------2b
Game #2
Circle Tap, Denmark-----200 100 0-----3-3-0-7
Townline, Green Bay-----200 000 0-----2-3-0-1
WP-Collin McKenzie-----(1-0) 7.0-3-2-2-0-14
LP Betto Guerrineiri------(0-1) 7.0-3-3-3-6-13
Circle Tap
Bryan Hansen-----3 x 1-1-1----- HR ( inside the park)
Stacy McLean-----3 x 1-1-0-----3b
Wayne Laulu------3 x 1-1-2-----HR
Game #3
The Bar of Green Bay----000 031 0------4-6-2-9
Circle Tap, Denmark------600 000 x------6-7-2-8
LP- John Goral-------(0-1)- 0.2-3-6-6-6-1
Rick Thomsen (1st)----------5.1-4-0-0-0-1
WP-Scott Bortolini----(1-0)-7.0-6-4-4-5-4
The Bar of Green Bay
Kyle Kapinos-----4 x 2-0-1
Dick Kouba-------3 x 2-0-1
Mitchell Kouba---2 x1-1-0-----3b
Circle Tap
Jamie Knudson -----2 x 2-1-1
Chris Delarwelle-----4 x 2-1-1 -----2b
Tom Crouch---------4 x1-------2b
Yours in Fastpitch,
Hank De Wild


Wisconsin Classic League Saturday

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Wisconsin Classic League
at Circle Tap, Denmark, WI
May 26, 2007
Game #4-------------------------------------R-H-E-lob
Earl's Club, Kenosha-------000 102 4----7-6-5-10
The Bar of Green Bay------000 012 0----3-5-2-7
WP-Wayne Gaura-(1-0)-7.0-5-3-1-1-10
LP-John Goral------(0-2)-6.1-4-7-6-10-6
Rick Thomsen-----(7th)---0.2-2-0-0-0-1
Earl's Club
Dale Horton-----3 x 2-1-1-----HR
Troy Krugel-----3 x 2 -1-3
The Bar of Green Bay
Brad McCarty----2 x 1 -0-1
Game #5
The Bar on the Avenue, Appleton---000 20-----2-3-2-3
Earl's Club, Kenosha------------------006 00----6-4-0-2
LP- Gerard Long--------(0-1)---4.0-4-6-1-3-8
WP-Todd Lubkeman---(1-0)---5.0-3-2-2-2-5
The Bar on the Avenue
Gerard Long- 1 x 2-1-1-----2b
Bill Huss-------1 x 2-0-1
Earl's Club
Mark Nelson---------2 x 1-1-1
Todd Lubkeman----2 x 1-1-3------HR
Eric Kabunde------2 x 1-1-0
Game complete after 5th due to rain
Rest of day was rained out
Yours in Fastpitch,
Hank De Wild

CT at Wisconsin Classic League

Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 27, 2007
Denmark, WI

The Circle Tap fastpitch team went 4-0(8-2 overall) this weekend in the
Wisconsin Classic League held at Circle Tap. With the wins the CT team
has garnered the Wisconsin bid to the ISC World Tournament to be held in
Kitchener, ON in August. We did so with a very thin bench as we were
missing Matt Bramwell, Paul Algar, Steve Schucker, Frankie Perez, and Chad
Ferguson. Lost Tim Jorgensen after the Friday games. We were scheduled
to play a pair of games on Saturday but due to rain the schedule had to be

Game 1
7:30 PM Friday
#8Circle Tap 3 #14TownLine 2
CT 3 3 0
TL 2 3 1
The Tappers started off this game scoring a pair of runs in the top of the
1st. Kyle Magnusson picked up a base hit, followed by a Chris DeLarwelle
base hit, Tom Crouch got hit by a pitch and then Tim Jorgensen drew a
bases loaded walk scoring a run and Kevin Reichardt drew a walk scoring
another run. TownLine came right back in the bottom half as Stacy McLean
hit a two out triple followed by a Wayne Laulu two run homer to even the
score at 2. It remained tie until the top of the 4th when Bryan Hansen
hit a one out triple and scored as the left fielder had trouble handling
the ball.
WP:Collin McKenzie(3-2) 13K 0BB
LP:Betto Guerinieri 12K 6BB

Game 2
9:00 Friday
#8Circle Tap 6 The Bar of Green Bay 4
TB 4 X 0
CT 6 8 2
CT hammered out six first inning runs and was held scoreless the remainder
of the games by the ISC and NAFA 23U Champions. Jamie Knudson led off the
inning with a walk, followed by a Kyle Magnusson walk, RBI double by Chris
DeLarwelle, RBI single by Tim Jorgensen, RBI double by Kevin Reichardt,
Bryan Hansen drew a walk, Kyle VanAbel, Knudson, and Magnusson then
followed with bases loaded walks making it 6-0. Unfortunately our
scorekeeper decided to quit marking the book for The Bar after the 3rd
inning so I don't have the details on The Bar's 4 runs.
WP:Scott Bortolini(1-0)
LP:John Goral

Game 3
Noon Sunday
#8Circle Tap 11 Earl's Club(Kenosha, WI) 4
CT 11 10 1
EC 4 8 1
CT broke a scoreless tie in the top of the 3rd as Jamie Knudson drew a two
out walk and then Kyle Magnusson smashed a two run shot for a 2-0 lead.
The veteran Earl's Club team cam right back in the bottom half as Tony
Schaaf picked up a base hit, Dan Abts walked and then Dale Horton
delivered a base hit that scored two runs as the ball was misplayed in the
outfield. The Tappers made it a 3-2 game in the 4th as Kevin Reichardt
reached on an error, stole 2nd and would later score on a Kyle VanAbel
base hit. In the 5th Knudson drew another walk, DeLarwelle drew a two out
walk and Tom Crouch singled to load the bases. Reichardt and Bryan
Hansen eached followed with two rbi base hits to make it a 7-2 game.
Earl's scored a pair in the bottom half on RBI singles by Tony Schaaf and
Dale Horton to make it 7-4. It remained that way until the 7th when Chris
DeLarwelle led off with a solo shot, followed by a Tom Crouch solo shot.
With one out Bryan Hansen singled and then Kyle VanAbel smashed a two run
bomb for an
11-4 lead. Hansen finished 3x4, VanAbel 2x4 HR 3RBI, Crouch 2x4 HR
WP:Scott Bortolini(2-0) 5IP 7H 3K 3BB
Chris DeLarwelle 2IP 1H 2K 2BB
LP:Todd Luebkeman 7IP 10 8K 4BB

Game 4
2PM Sunday
#8Circle Tap 3 #14TownLine 2
TL 2 6 2
CT 3 4 1
This was a good tight ball game that kept the good crowd on the edge of
their seats the entire game. TownLine struck first in the top of the
first as Fernando singled and stole 2nd and knocked in by Stacy McLean.
It reamained 1-0 until the bottom of the 4th when Kevin Reichardt reached
on an error, stole 2nd moved to 3rd on a ground out and then scored as the
catcher threw to 3rd to try and pick him off but it hit Reichardt and
bounced into left field allowing him to score and even the game 1-1.
TownLine took a 2-1 lead in the top of the 5th as Jim Corbett lead off
with a solo home run. The Tappers game right back in the bottom half as
Darren Derricks lead off with a base hit, Jamie Knudson drew a walk and
Kyle Magnusson singled to load the bases. Chris DeLarwelle drew a bases
loaded walk to even the score at 2. With two out, Reichardt delivered a
base hit up the middle as CT grabbed a 3-2 lead.
WP:Collin McKenzie(4-2) 9K 0BB
LP:James Darby 4.1IP 8K 3H 4BB
Betto Guerinieri 1.2 IP 1K 0BB

Circle Tap will be traving 1/2 hour to Kimberly,WI June 1-3 for the annual
Grafmeier Invitational. We begin play at 6PM Friday with 3 round robin
games on Saturday at 9AM, 3PM, 5PM.

CT Fastpitch

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Wisconsin Classic League-Sunday

Monday, May 28, 2007
Wisconsin Classic League
at Circle Tap, Denmark, WI
May 27, 2007
Game #9---------------------------------R-H-E-lob
Earl's Club, Kenosha-----000 00-------0-0-3-2
Townline, Green Bay-----303 2 x-------8-7-2-2
WP- Betto Guerrinieri---(1-1)---4.0-0-0-0-0-10
James Darby----(5th)------------1.0-0-0-0-1-2
LP-Wayne Gauara---(1-1)------4.0-7-8-3-0-1
Nick Shailes-------------3 x 1 -1-2-----HR
Frenando Petric-------3 x 3-2-0
Gustavo Guerrinieri---2 x 1-1-3-----HR
Jim Corbett------------2 x 1-1-0
Game #10
Earl's Club, Kenosha------002 020 0--------4-8-2-7
Circle Tap, Denmark------002 140 4-------11-10-1-2
WP-Scott Bortolini-----(2-0)----5.0-7-4-3-3-3
Chris Delarwelle--------(6th)----2.0-1-0-0-2-2
LP- Todd Lubkeman---(1-1)----7.0-10-11-10-5-8
Circle Tap
Kyle Magnusson-------4 x 1 -1-2----------HR
Cheis Delarwelle-------2 x 1-2-1----------HR
Tom Crouch------------4 x 2-2-1----------HR
Bryan Hansen----------4 x 3-1-2
Klye Van Abel----------4 x 2-1-3----------HR
Earl's Club
Tony Schaaf---------4 x 2-2-1
Dale Horton----------4 x 3-0-2----2b
Paul Skora-----------3 x1----------2b
Todd Lubkeman-----3 x 1---------2b
Eric Klabunde-------2 x 1-1-0----2b
Game #7--Rain Make-up from yesterday
Townline, Green Bay------100 010 0-------2-6-2-4
Circle Tap, Denmark------000 120 x--------3-4-1-5
LP James Darby------(1-1)----4.1-3-3-2-4-8
Betto Guerrinieri------(5th)-----1.2-1-0-0-0-1
WP-Collin McKenzie---(2-0)---7.0-6-2-2-0-9
Jim Corbett------3 x 1 -1-1---------HR
Game # 8 --Rain Make-up from yesterday
The Bar of Green Bay----000 1-------------1-3-1-3
Townline Green Bay------003 (10)---------13-11-0-4
LP- John Goral-----(0-3)----------2.1-1-3-3-5-2
Rick Thompsen------(3rd)---------1.0-3-4-3-1-0
Mike Roberts---------(4th)---------0.1-7-6-3-1-1
WP-Nick Shailes--------(1-0)---4.0-3-1-1-2-4
The Bar of Green Bay
Conard Bain---------1 x 1
Brad McCartny------2 x 1-0-1
Brandon Sinkler-----1 x 1
Nick Shailes-----------3 x 2-2-5-----------HR
Stacy McLean--------4 x 2-1-3-----------HR
Aaron Neemia--------2 x 1 -1-3----------HR
Jon Zipperer----------1 X 1-1-2----------HR
Chris Diethert---------3 x 2-1-0
Eric Smith-------------2 x 1-3-0
All other games were lost due to rain
Next weekend is the Jack Grafmeier at Sunset Park in Kimberly, WI

Yours in Fastpitch,
Hank De Wild

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