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State of the WebSite

February 19, 2024

State of the WebSite

State of the WebSite


18 Feb 2024

We must find $540.00 CAD before 6 April 2024 to keep going. We have already renewed the domain name, but the web hosting for another year is another matter.

19 Feb 2024

GREAT NEWS! Help is on the way! A most kind benefactor, a true fastball fan, has stepped up and saved the day! So many thanks to this very kind person who year after year has provided us with the means to carry on.




 21 July 2023


My Twitter Feed is working OK however what I send to Twitter is no longer appearing on the link on my page and that is caused by the brain trust at Twitter and it appears they are not doing a thing about it. Sorry!

Looks like it's a Twitter issue. And based on the following thread,
there are a lot of angry folks:
Unfortunately, Twitter is not addressing the problem or providing any guidance so we're all in the dark at the mom 

21 July 2023








3 Nov 2023

New glasses are ready at Lens Crafters. Picked them up at BCC. So far so good.


4 Nov 2023

Drove my own care for the first time in many months. Big thanks for Jing for driving me everywhere since April 2023. I hope this is the end of it but taking it slow.




Al Doran

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