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February 19, 2024

State of the WebSite

State of the WebSite


18 Feb 2024

We must find $540.00 CAD before 6 April 2024 to keep going. We have already renewed the domain name, but the web hosting for another year is another matter.

19 Feb 2024

GREAT NEWS! Help is on the way! A most kind benefactor, a true fastball fan, has stepped up and saved the day! So many thanks to this very kind person who year after year has provided us with the means to carry on.






3 May 2023

I may not be on the internet for a week, but most likely just a lot less on the internet.

I had laser surgery today on both eyes and the doctor told me I would likely be seeing fuzzy for a week.

BTW, apologies in advance, I am typing blind at the moment and its been this way since Good Friday. Luckily the RCAF taught me how to type so I know where most of the keys are most of the time.

My doctor today who did the surgery was the 7th doctor to work on my eyes since Good Friday.

If this surgery went well, we will know in a week, it will be back to my long time eye doctor to get new prescription for new glasses.

Apologies if I do not get to reply to emails or social media posts for a bit.


11 May 2023

The lazer surgery was done at Uptown Eye Specialists on 3 May on both eyes and as scheduled I went back on 10 May for a check on my eyes. Three hours of tests then a visit with Dr. Yuen who said the operation was about 70% successful. I must go back for additional surgery on both eyes to remove the remaining issues. It must be their busy season as the first available appointment is 17 June and worse still the follow up is not until 14 July.

But the good news is that Dr. Millar says I do not have to wait since my eye infection is gone and we are not planning cataract surgery. My lazer surgery is for Glaucoma. Hoping to see him this month and new glasses to follow.

 Al  - 11 May 2023

29 May 2023

Well I did see Dr. Millar on 26 May in Toronto. It did not go as expected however as he did not agree with Dr. Tam at Uptown Eye Specialists that new glasses will fix my problem. Plan for now is to get new glasses and try them out and to go ahead with the additional lazer surgery on 17 June at Uptown by Dr. Yuen and then re evaluate.

For now at least I can see to watch TV and I can drive with no problems, but very difficult to read a paper, a book or even a computer screen.

Ordered new glasses from Lenscrafters on 26 May and they are expected by 9 June.

29 May 2023


I am doing my best to get through my email each day however it is a challenge.  Basically, I have to copy and paste each email of interest to Word and blow it up to 20 font and print it off, then I can read it.

Just asking to keep the emails short or at lest in a format that I can copy and paste.  That does NOT include JPG’s, etc.

It may be a sign of the time but more people each day are using Facebook Messenger and even Twitter to send me notes. They are all deleted if I can or I just ignore them Email is my preference for communications re AlsFastball.



1 June 2023

Apologies for the typos, I am typing blind. Good thing the RCAF taught me how to type!


17 June 23

2nd set of laser eye surgeries at Uptown Eye Specialists.
  no improvement yet

20 June 23

Suddenly cannot see out of my right eye, all clouded over, can only read with my left eye, and not well at all.


4 July 23

Saw new eye specialist at Uptown, Dr. Maini, said I need cateract surgery.

9 July 23

Just as suddenly, the right eye can see again cloudyness is gone. Still cannot see all that well, but a bit better.

My experts say this does not happen with cataracts, they just do not come and go. Uptown says I still have cataracts, espcially in right eye.


 21 July 2023


My Twitter Feed is working OK however what I send to Twitter is no longer appearing on the link on my page and that is caused by the brain trust at Twitter and it appears they are not doing a thing about it. Sorry!

Looks like it's a Twitter issue. And based on the following thread,
there are a lot of angry folks:
Unfortunately, Twitter is not addressing the problem or providing any guidance so we're all in the dark at the mom 

21 July 2023


26 July 23

Due to go back to Uptown where Dr Manini and his team to do more tests related to cateract surgery.

 I saw 3 specialists at Uptown today. First did tests, to confirm cataracts, yes, both eyes.

Second was to inform me of all the options available to me for cataract surgery. It reminded me of every new car I have bought in my lifetime, trying to upsell me various options.

Last expert did a test to confirm another eye condition. He says I have astigmatism (sp?)  Also scheduled another test for 1 August, just before I see Dr. Maini again. something about dry eyes and lid test.

 1 August, another test and I will see Dr. Maini to discuss when to remove cataracts from right eye and or both eyes.


1 August 2023

Saw Dr. Maini at Uptown Eye Specialists and I am now scheduled for cataract surgery 26 August and 10 September. Until then I will be on my computer less and less depending on how well I can see. Right now my left eye is carrying the load but its a challenge.


25 August 2023

Tomorrow, 26 August, off to Scarborough early morning for my first cataract surgery, right eye. Two weeks to recover then the left eye will be done in Vaughan on 10 Sep.


I will be offline a long time, I think


11 Sep 2023

The saga continues. First cataract surgery, 26 August, right eye, Uptown Eye Specialists, Scarborough, ON. The right eye is still healing, still swollen, but great hopes. Sunday, 10 September, left eye, Uptown in Vaughan. So far can only see shadows as very large cataract removed. Follow up with doctor is in two weeks. This will take time so will not be on my computer that much at all. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers! Using my cell phone but capabilities are very limited.

Follow up with eye doctor at Uptown Brampton on 6 Oct 2023.


24 Oct 2023

Saw Dr. Craig Millar, my long time eye doctor and got prescription for new glasses. The old ones are useless after two cataract surgeries.


3 Nov 2023

New glasses are ready at Lens Crafters. Picked them up at BCC. So far so good.


4 Nov 2023

Drove my own care for the first time in many months. Big thanks for Jing for driving me everywhere since April 2023. I hope this is the end of it but taking it slow.




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