Wisconsin Classic League-Sunday

May 28, 2007

Denmark, WI

Wisconsin Classic League
at Circle Tap, Denmark, WI
May 27, 2007
Game #9---------------------------------R-H-E-lob
Earl's Club, Kenosha-----000 00-------0-0-3-2
Townline, Green Bay-----303 2 x-------8-7-2-2
WP- Betto Guerrinieri---(1-1)---4.0-0-0-0-0-10
James Darby----(5th)------------1.0-0-0-0-1-2
LP-Wayne Gauara---(1-1)------4.0-7-8-3-0-1
Nick Shailes-------------3 x 1 -1-2-----HR
Frenando Petric-------3 x 3-2-0
Gustavo Guerrinieri---2 x 1-1-3-----HR
Jim Corbett------------2 x 1-1-0
Game #10
Earl's Club, Kenosha------002 020 0--------4-8-2-7
Circle Tap, Denmark------002 140 4-------11-10-1-2
WP-Scott Bortolini-----(2-0)----5.0-7-4-3-3-3
Chris Delarwelle--------(6th)----2.0-1-0-0-2-2
LP- Todd Lubkeman---(1-1)----7.0-10-11-10-5-8
Circle Tap
Kyle Magnusson-------4 x 1 -1-2----------HR
Cheis Delarwelle-------2 x 1-2-1----------HR
Tom Crouch------------4 x 2-2-1----------HR
Bryan Hansen----------4 x 3-1-2
Klye Van Abel----------4 x 2-1-3----------HR
Earl's Club
Tony Schaaf---------4 x 2-2-1
Dale Horton----------4 x 3-0-2----2b
Paul Skora-----------3 x1----------2b
Todd Lubkeman-----3 x 1---------2b
Eric Klabunde-------2 x 1-1-0----2b
Game #7--Rain Make-up from yesterday
Townline, Green Bay------100 010 0-------2-6-2-4
Circle Tap, Denmark------000 120 x--------3-4-1-5
LP James Darby------(1-1)----4.1-3-3-2-4-8
Betto Guerrinieri------(5th)-----1.2-1-0-0-0-1
WP-Collin McKenzie---(2-0)---7.0-6-2-2-0-9
Jim Corbett------3 x 1 -1-1---------HR
Game # 8 --Rain Make-up from yesterday
The Bar of Green Bay----000 1-------------1-3-1-3
Townline Green Bay------003 (10)---------13-11-0-4
LP- John Goral-----(0-3)----------2.1-1-3-3-5-2
Rick Thompsen------(3rd)---------1.0-3-4-3-1-0
Mike Roberts---------(4th)---------0.1-7-6-3-1-1
WP-Nick Shailes--------(1-0)---4.0-3-1-1-2-4
The Bar of Green Bay
Conard Bain---------1 x 1
Brad McCartny------2 x 1-0-1
Brandon Sinkler-----1 x 1
Nick Shailes-----------3 x 2-2-5-----------HR
Stacy McLean--------4 x 2-1-3-----------HR
Aaron Neemia--------2 x 1 -1-3----------HR
Jon Zipperer----------1 X 1-1-2----------HR
Chris Diethert---------3 x 2-1-0
Eric Smith-------------2 x 1-3-0
All other games were lost due to rain
Next weekend is the Jack Grafmeier at Sunset Park in Kimberly, WI

Yours in Fastpitch,
Hank De Wild

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