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Schedule for the 2024 SCIFL Las Vegas Road Trip Tournament

March 2, 2024

Las Vegas, NV - -Schedule for the 2024 SCIFL Las Vegas Road Trip Tournament

APRIL 5-7.-2024

All teams have paid their entry fee allowing the schedule to be set. Click on the links below to view the schedule for each division, the SCIFL Rules, and Bat Certification Program to see what bats you can and cannot use at the event. Don't forget to book your rooms before the Cut-off date to receive the discounted price. 

AA Division Schedule   |   A-Major Division Schedule   |   A Division Schedule

Tournament results will be posted throughout the day at the SCIFL website so everyone can know when they play next. You can also view it at the NAFA website where the team stats will be located for this tournament.  


Rosters are due by March 24, 2024 so they can be uploaded on the Stats website at because that will be your official roster. Players not listed on the Stats website team roster will not be allowed to participate until they are added. It is important to make sure to include any nickname so the name on the lineup card matches what was listed on the roster to avoid any confusion.

All teams must complete a roster and identify the pitchers who will be throwing in the tournament to ensure they are classified in the proper division. Please visit the NAFA World Series website at to download the "NAFA World Series Roster" sheet. While you are on their site, review the "Pitchers List" to make sure your pitcher is properly classified in the division you will be participating in. Pitchers classified in the lower division can pitch in a higher division, but they cannot pitch the opposite way, Higher to Lower. If the pitcher is not classified, follow the directions on how to add his name to the list because if they are not on the list they will not be able to pitch in the tournament.

If you have any issues downloading the roster, you can email the Tournament Director, Jesse Ortiz, with the player's full name, if they pitcher, and their jersey number.


The tournament will be using SCIFL rules. Teams will have the option to bat up to 10 players using the Extra Hitter (EH), a Designated Runner (DR), and a Courtesy Runner (CR) may be used for the pitcher or catcher ONLY but it must be the last recorded out.

All divisions will use the 3-game guarantee NAFA bracket. The championship games are scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday with no "IF" games on any of the divisions. All winners will have a paid berth to the NAFA World Series except for the A-Division which will have a paid berth for the Gold and Silver Champions.

Please keep in mind that with any tournament(s) the scheduled times and games may be pushed back a bit during the course of the day so please plan flights accordingly.  

If your normal routine is to have a conference with all your players before the first pitch, please do that before the coin flip or better yet, while the game before you is in play so we can keep games running as close to on-time as possible. The umpires will be instructed to get you moving and start the game without wasting any time.  Also, keep your teams moving in and out of the dugouts as quickly as possible.  The courtesy runner for the catcher is there for a reason, to get their gear on while the inning is in play and not after the last out.  

The USA Softball Bat Testing & Certification Program along with compression testing will be utilized in this tournament – NAFA tamper proof decal stickers will be provided to bats that pass inspection.

Bat testing will be conducted at Sunset Park in the center of fields 11, 12, 13, 14. In order for the bat to receive a tamper proof decal sticker it must meet the USA Softball Bat Testing & Certification Program by having 1) the ASA, USA Softball, or WBSC certification mark, 2) is not on the Non-Approved Bat List, and 3) passes compression.

Once the bat passes its testing it will be given an NAFA tamper proof decal sticker. Bats without a NAFA tamper proof decal sticker will not be allowed in the game. Players should not try to remove the tamper proof decal sticker because it will show a "Void" once it has been removed. Any bat with a sticker that looks like it's been tampered with will not be allowed in play.


The tournament will be played at

Sunset Park - Fields 11,12,13 &14
2601 E. Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Note that we are playing on the fields off Eastern Ave., South of Sunset Park Road.  Park in the lot South of the fields.

Warm Springs Park - Fields 8, 9 & 10
7262 S Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89120
Please take precautions when parking your car as some of the spaces are close to the fields.


Please help keep the tournament cost down by booking with Arizona Charlie's and receive the following special rate of $101.70 per night for Friday and Saturday and $77.97 for Thursday and Sunday nights, if you book directly with the hotel using their 800 number.

In order to receive this rate, you must book by midnight of the Cut-off date March 15, 2024.

***This special rate goes quickly so try to book your rooms as soon as possible because once the selected number of rooms are booked, any additional rooms available will be reverted back to the hotel's going rate. ***


To make your reservations call 800-342-2695 and use the reference code C-SCI23 or mention So Cal Independent Fast Pitch League. If the reservation desk informs you the code is not valid or cannot locate it, ask them not to enter the code in the system but to search for the code to be able to locate it; they should understand that procedure. If you need to book more than three (3) rooms on the same credit card, or have any issues with the reservation desk, contact Kathy Brennan at 702-951-5942 in the group sales department and she will be more than happy to assist you.


3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-6778

You will be able to receive the special rate of $30 for Thursday and Sunday, $90 for Friday, and $110 for Saturday by visiting this reservation link. A $37.00 daily resort fee plus the applicable Clark County Room Tax is applied to each hotel room reservation and includes amenities. For all registered guests, the resort fee includes: Unlimited domestic long distance (the 50 United States and DC) and toll-free calls, digital newspaper and magazine downloads through PressReader for duration of reservation, property-wide wireless internet access, Fitness Center access for guests 18+, subject to availability, boarding pass printing.

If 5 or more rooms are being prepaid by a non-arriving guest, please email the Group Department at to arrange for prepayment. Make sure the group name is in your email subject line.

If you are paying for someone else's room, and that guest does not have the credit card used to pay for the room when they arrive, they will not be given a room. The guests can pay the entire amount themselves and the credit card used to pay for the room will be refunded, or they can wait for the individual who paid for the room to arrive to get the room keys.

All reservations and any changes must be made before the Cut-off Date, Monday, March 18, 2024 in order to receive the special rate. After the cut-off date, you will pay the going rate so don't miss out, book your reservations before the cut-off date.

*** This special rate goes quickly so try to book your rooms as soon as possible because once the selected number of rooms are booked, any additional rooms available will be reverted back to the hotel's going rate. ***

Please confirm you received your game times, your team name is spelled correctly.

Jesse Ortiz
SCIFL President
NAFA Assistant Executive Director


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