Congratulations to the SoCal Bombers!!!

July 2, 2007

Clearwater, FL

Congratulations to the SoCal Bombers!!!


                    About a month and a half ago when it was announced that Lucas Mata had been signed by the Bombers, I believe I took an unpopular stance when I predicted a top five finish for them at the World Tourney. Truth be known, none of the rankers had them above nine in the rankings and their overall was ten for the preseason.


     Well after a win at Red Rock, and maybe a disappointing performance at Portland, the Bombers have shown the world this weekend they are a true contender for the World Championship and have a legitimate shot.


     I feel the management did an excellent job of using their personnel and so many times it is overlooked by those who would say it is up to the players and coaches are not a factor. Well, I have to say to that,”Hogwash.” This weekend at Monkton it was the players and management who went the distance and brought home the bacon in an admittedly pig farming area of Ontario.


     How I wish I had the opportunity to be there and smell that Monkton air. It is patently obvious that Brian Ballie has again outdone himself and his staff there and solidified his tourney as among the top two non title tourneys all season long. Truly one that we look forward to for months ahead. I sincerely hope Orillia is as successful as Monkton is, and I have every confidence in Pablo Barneston and company for the July version of the best one-two punch in Fastball!


     Congratulations to the Twins also, in beating the favored Patsy’s team and the top ranked Riversharks. They certainly picked the right time to avenge the previous losses at the hands of the Sharks and I know they have awakened the Patsy’s squad who will look forward to the inevitable rematch soon.


     Orillia did not fare as well as expected, but I guess after such a long run of victories and sensational play, it is only mortal to drop a game or two, and maybe let this be a battle cry to now peak at the right time going forward. Those boys are some of the best in the game, and I am with them in spirit every time they take the field. They still have the best overall record in the sport, taking all things into consideration, you boys are still tops in my book!


     Broken Bow showed they are maybe the most feared team out there, but with ten games already under their belt, they are not so much a Johnny start lately team, so don’t go thinking they are not in mid season form. Their only loss was another display of mortality. I know they will not dwell on it, and maybe it is better to lose now and be in touch with reality than to take  the thought  of invincibility to the World Tourney or even Orillia.


     Patsy’s belongs with the top teams, and it is truly anyone’s race after this weekend. Maybe their lack of games to date might have been a factor, but I tend to doubt things like that when you consider the true professionals they have and how focused they can be so early in the race for the roses.


     I am sure there are a few others on the outside looking in at these five that think they belong, and to them I say, Show me…..and I am sure some of them will.


     But tonight belongs to those So Cal Bombers, Monkton Champs, folk heroes, great guys, many of which I have had the pleasure to have been teammates of. Thank you for giving Monkton one of the best shows ever, and for living up to the billing at least I was willing to heap on you way in advance. Great Show !


   Now its on to Orillia and I think you will see an equally torrid competition and another great display for the fans of our sport. I hope the reporting from there is as good. With softball played to this great level, it just screams for up to the minute reporting and everyone able to see how their team is doing, and the enemy as well!



Peter J Porcelli, II

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