Under 19 scores from Frankenmuth, MI

July 9, 2007

Frankenmuth, MI 

Hi all,
Here are the day 1 results of the under 19 ISC North American tournament from beautiful Heritage Park in Frankenmuth, MI:
Game 1: Glanworth, ON 10 def. Elmira, ON 6
Game 2: Munger, MI 11 def. Glencoe, ON 5
Game 3: Newmarket, ON 16 def. Frankenmuth, MI 3
Game 4: Oshawa, ON 9 def. Waterloo, ON 2
Game 5: Glencoe, ON 20 def. Elmira, ON 13
Game 6: Waterloo, ON 16 def. Frankenmuth, MI 8
Game 7: Glanworth, ON 4 def. Munger, MI 3
Game 8: Newmarket, ON 7 def. Oshawa, ON 4
Game 9: Frankenmuth, MI 8 def. Glencoe, ON 6
Game 10: Waterloo, ON 17 def. Elmira, ON 2
Game 11: Oshawa, ON 6 def. Frankenmuth, MI 2
Game 12: Waterloo, ON 10 def. Munger, MI 4
Game 13 - Undefeated game: Glanworth, ON 5 def. Newmarket, ON 4 (8 innings)
Sunday - in progress:
Game 14 - Waterloo, ON 5 leading Oshawa, ON 4 (4th inning)
Championship game is scheduled for 2 PM.  

The tournament is history, and it indeed was decided on the field with some very well played games on Sunday.  Getting back to Sunday, I was off on the score for the 10:00 A.M. game, as it ended up with Waterloo winning 8-2.
Game 14: Waterloo 8, Oshawa 2
Game 15: Newmarket 3, Waterloo 2
Game 16: Newmarket 2, Glanworth 1
Game 17: Newmarket 3, Glanworth 2
Final Chronological Order of Elimination        All Tournament Team
Newmarket       5-1                                     P   Corey Jackson   Waterloo   4-0
Glanworth         3-2                                     P   Chris Boyd    Newmarket    3-1
Waterloo          4-2                                     P   Kevin Boyd   Newmarket     2-1 1 Save
Oshawa           2-2                                     IF   Shawn Bogart    Glencoe
Frankenmuth    1-3                                     IF   Nick McIntyre    Glanworth
Munger            1-2                                     IF   Stuart Boyd       Newmarket
Glencoe           1-2                                     IF   Matt Fromm      Waterlooo
Elmira              0-3                                     IF  Patrick Townes  Newmarket
                                                                 C  Dustin Collamer  Munger
                                                                 C  Randy Gray        Glanworth
Outstanding Pitcher Chris Boyd                  OF Brett Frede         Waterloo
Leading Hitter Shawn Bogart 7 for 10           OF Mitchell Knight   Glencoe
Most Valuable Player Chris Boyd                OF Robert Lyle        Glanworth
                                                                OF Ryan McCluskey Newmarket
                                                                UT Chase Wiechmann Frankenmuth
Thank you for the great game controlling and statistics from Scott Stasik and the exceptional umpiring exhibited by Rick Havercroft and crew.  It helped make it a great weekend of ball.  The teams in Kitchener in the youth portion of the tournament should be very competitive come August.
Thank you,
Tom Stasik

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