10th Annual World Series of Fastball

July 10, 2007

Orillia, ON

10th Annual World Series of Fastball

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

July 13, 14, 15, 2007


With less than 80 hours to go until the first pitch will be thrownout at the longest continuously operating major men’s tournament in Canada, the excitement is starting to build in Orillia.  The 10thAnnual edition of the World Series of Fastball will kick off at 5:00 PM on Friday, July 13 at Kitchener Park, with the host Orillia taking on Jarvis and Kitchener competing against Vancouver.   This year brings the new twist of featuring a Canadian division (with the top 5 ranked Canadians teams in ISC rankings) and an American division (that will feature 3 of the top 5 ranked teams in the ISC).  For anyone that has not yet made the trip to Orillia, Kitchener Park is located right on the shores of Lake Simcoe.


All the final planning is being completed and starting first thing Wednesday morning, an army of volunteers will move into the park to start the huge job of transforming the park into the site of one of the top annual major men’s invitational tournaments.  The volunteers have theirwork cut out for them as they start to install the more than 4,000 feet of temporary fencing, groom the fields to the caliber required, install all the  tents and trailers that are  will be needed, plus everything else that needs to be set up.  Once the games actually start another crew of volunteers makes sure everything runs smooth throughout the weekend so that the fans and players have an enjoyable and safe time in Orillia.


This year, two new local organizations have joined the tournament to help out.  The Ramara Youth Fastball League and Information Orillia will be on hand throughout the extended weekend helping out in all kinds of ways.  The two groups will also be operating a silent auction in the merchandise tent throughout the weekend with some really great prizes. Please make sure to drop in and make your bids on some of the items. Also, the Orillia & District Fastball League will once again be operating the large beer tent down the 3rd base line of the main diamond.  This year, Labatt’s breweries have joined the tournamentand we will have a cold supply of their products available throughout the entire weekend.


The price to take in this World Class action remains the same as in 2006.

Unlimited Weekend Pass:                      $25.00

Two-Day Pass (Saturday& Sunday):       $20.00

Friday Evening:                                      $7.00

Saturday Full day:                                  $15.00

Saturday Evening:                                  $7.00

Sunday:                                                $12.00


2007 Full Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 13

5:00 PM            1          Vancouver vs. Kitchener             Upper

5:00 PM            2          Orillia vs. Jarvis                          Lower

7:00 PM            3          Midland vs. Broken Bow             Upper

7:00 PM            4          Orillia vs. Saskatoon                  Lower

9:00 PM            5          Midland vs. Patsy’s                    Upper

9:00 PM            6          Pueblo vs. The Farm                  Lower

Saturday, July 14

8:30 AM            7          Saskatoon vs. Kitchener             Upper

8:45 AM            8          Jarvis vs. Vancouver                   Lower

10:30 AM          9          Broken Bow vs. Pueblo               Upper

10:45 AM          10         TheFarm vs. Patsy’s                 Lower

12:30 PM          11         Vancouver vs. Orillia                   Upper

12:45 PM          12         The Farm vs. Midland                 Lower

2:30 PM            13         Patsy’s vs. Broken Bow              Upper

2:45 PM            14         Kitchener vs. Jarvis                    Lower

4:30 PM            15         Pueblo vs. Midland                     Upper

4:45 PM            16         Jarvis vs. Saskatoon                   Lower

6:30 PM            17         Broken Bow vs. The Farm           Upper

6:45 PM            18         Kitchener vs. Orillia                    Lower

8:30 PM            19         Saskatoon vs. Vancouver            Upper

8:45 PM            20         Patsy’s vs. Pueblo                     Lower

Sunday, July 15

9:00 AM            21         2ndCanadian vs. 3rd American      Upper

9:00 AM            22         2ndAmerican vs. 3rd Canadian      Lower

11:00 AM          23         1stAmerican vs. Winner G# 21    Upper

11:00 AM          24         1stCanadian vs. Winner G# 22    Lower

1:30 PM            25         WinnerG# 23 vs. Winner G# 24  Lower




Paul Barnetson
Marketing Coordinator
City of Orillia
, Parks and Recreation Department
Fax(705) 329-2176



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2007 Season Plans for AlsFastball

We plan to be in Orillia – July 14-16 – World Series of Fastball
Kitchener – August 10-18 – 2007 ISC World Tournament


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