Decos EHS player Eric Zomerdijk hospitalized

July 15, 2007

Harlem, Netherlands

Great news!! Decos EHS' player Eric Zomerdijk fully awake

Haarlem, July 16 2007
Great news guys. I just got of the phone with Eric's father and he told me that he is awake and fully conscious. There is no brain damage thank god and Eric remembers most of the things that happened.
It's incredible but he might be able to go home before the weekend. Now he has to recover from the heavy concussion and the broken jaw. Tomorrow the police will get his statement so that this idiot can be convicted for what he did. We will do everything we can to put this guy behind bars.
Thanks for all your support and I will pass on all the emails to Eric. One of the emails I received was from somebody we have never met, but he told me that we are all brothers that share the same passion. Therefor we all feel hurt when a thing like this happens to one of us.
Thanks again for your support. It was heartwarming to see that so many people care.
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Haarlem, July 15th 2007
Dear softball friends,
We are sad to inform you that our player Eric Zomerdijk has been hospitalized after being intentionally hit by a bat after the game TIW Survivors - Decos EHS.
After Decos EHS beat TIW Survivors, one of the TIW Survivors players first hit Zomerdijk in the ribs and immediately after that crushed his jaw with a bat. We are definitely not used to an incident like this in Softball The Netherlands and have to consider this as an act from a lunatic coward.
Eric went down and was unconscious for about 5-10 minutes lying on the field in a pool of blood. In the hospital he has been diagnosed with a very heavy concussion and a broken jaw. Luckily the brain scan didn't show any brain damage and they will probably operate surgery tomorrow.
The idiot who did this has been immediately suspended for life by his club and Softball The Netherlands will probably do the same the coming week. He has not been arrested yet but will be shortly.
Again, this has been a terrible act of violence by one man and we will not let this affect our great game.
Our heart goes out to Eric and his family
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands
E-mail: norman.ames@gielissen.nl
Homepage: www.decos-ehs.nl

Regarding Eric Z in Holland 

Sickening.  This is tragic.  I am so sorry to hear this.  Eric is a good guy, and a fine teammate.  I enjoyed talking with him during my stay in Holland & Prague with the BulldogTeam.  He was always helpful to me & he was one of the first guys to welcome me to the team.  A very down-to-earth guy who is cool to be around.  He really loves fastpitch & he really loves being part of the team.  Please tell Eric that he is in my thoughts & I am sending him much positive energy to find the strength to get through the pain of his injuries, heal his body & mind, & get out of that hospital.  Wish I was there so I could go visit Eric in the hospital.
Let us hope that the wheels of justice turn swiftly & nail the piece of human garbage who did this to our teammate to the wall.  Frankly, nothing that the system will do would be adequate justice.
Please keep me posted.
Michael Groves
Arlington, VA
United States of America


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