2007 Vancouver Challenge Draw

July 17, 2007

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Grey Sox and South Hill Sports are pleased to announce the
schedule of games for the 2007 Vancouver Challenge Tournament to be held
July 27 - 29. Admission is $5.00 per day or $10.00 for a tournament pass -
children under 12 are admitted free. All games are to be played at South
Memorial Park in Vancouver, located at 5950 Prince Albert Street (41st
Avenue East - between Knight and Fraser Streets).


Fri. July 27th - 7:00 pm Vancouver Grey Sox vs. Richmond Linus Software

Sat. July 28th - 8:00 am - So Cal Bombers vs. Portland Demarini
Sat. July 28th - 10:00 am - Vancouver Grey Sox vs. Portland Demarini
Sat. July 28th - Noon - Richmond Linus Software Stealers vs. Broken Bow
Sat. July 28th - 2:00 pm - Broken Bow Gremlins vs. Vancouver Grey Sox
Sat. July 28th - 2:00 pm - So Cal Bombers vs. Richmond Linus Software
Stealers - Diamond 2
Sat. July 28th - 4:00 pm - Vancouver Grey Sox vs So Cal Bombers (this game
does not count in Vancouver's round robin standings - unless the teams are
tied after the round robin at which time the game result will apply)
Sat. July 28th - 6:00 pm - Broken Bow Gremlins vs. Portland Demarini


Sat. July 28th - 8:00 pm - GAME A - 4th vs. 5th - loser eliminated - winner
advances to B

Sun. July 29th - 8:00 am - GAME B - 3rd vs winner of game A - loser elim. -
winner advances to D
Sun. July 29th - 10:00 am - GAME C - 1st vs. 2nd - loser to D - winner
advances to E
Sun. July 29th - Noon - GAME D - winner of game B vs. loser of game C -
loser elim. - winner to E
Sun. July 29th - 2:00 pm - GAME E - FINAL GAME - winner of game C vs. winner
game D

This year's format will be a modified round robin, with each team playing 3
round robin games, with the exception of the host Grey Sox who due to the
uneven number of teams entered will play a fourth game to balance the round
robin format. Only 3 of the Grey Sox round robin games will count in the
official standings. After completion of the round robin, teams will be
seeded according to the criteria below. All teams will advance to the
playoffs; 1st and 2nd after the round robin will receive a double life in
the playoffs, 3, 4 and 5 receive a single life.

The following criteria will be used in seeding the teams at the conclusion
of the modified round robin:
(a) won / loss record
(b) head to head competition if applicable - note if 2 or more teams
are tied and one of the teams has defeated all other tied teams in head
to head competition then it will be awarded the higher seeding.
(c) overall plus / minus (note: maximum run differential per game is 7)
(d) overall fewest runs allowed
(e) overall greater number of runs scored
** overall includes all round robin games played.
(f) in the event that listed criteria a - e, does not resolve the tie,
then a coin toss will be conducted.

Larry Kancs
Vancouver Grey Sox


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