Ottawa Blitz Tournament

July 30, 2007

Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON

Here are the results from the Open Men's Fastball Tournament on the weekend.

Friday July 27

Quyon, Qc 4
LBB Electric, PEI 2
WP-Bud Hanlon 7IP 8H 2ER 7Ks 1BB
LP-Mike Bishop 6IP 6H 4ER 9Ks

Ottawa Easton, ON 6
Valley Raiders, ON 0
WP Dan Bradley 5IP 3H 0ER 8Ks
LP Derick Bulley 5IP 9H 6ER 3Ks 1BB
HR: Kevin Chevrie(Easton)

Carp I4C Victory, ON 5
Markham Majors, ON 1
WP Neil Cooke 7IP 6H 1ER 8Ks
LP Western 7IP 13H 5EK 4Ks
HR: Matt McNish(Carp)

Saturday July 28
St Leonard Express, QC 2
Scarborough Royals, ON 2
Express Pit: Francis Leclair 6IP 1H 0ER 8Ks 2BB
Royals Pit: A.Skelton 6IP 3H 2ER 6Ks 2BB 1HBP

Quyon Flyers, QC 10
Blackburn Bombers, ON 2
WP Matt Greer 5IP 2H 2ER 6Ks
LP Pierre Lalonde 1.1IP 4H 4ER 1K 2BB
with relief by Luc Thibault 3.2IP 5H 1ER 6Ks 4BB

Carp 14C Victory, ON 2
Central Lumberjacks, ON 2
Carp Pit: Trevor Wood 7IP 4H 1ER 10K
Central Pit: D. Havervold 5IP 3H 1ER 3H 4K 1BB 1HBP
Relief by Adam Smith 2IP 1H 0ER 2K

Ed Taylor's Shamrocks,ON 6
Blackburn Bombers,ON 1
WP Gregg Garrity 4IP 2H 8K 2BB
LP Shannon Borho 3IP 5H 0K 5BB
Game Shortened due to Time Limit

St Leonard Express,ON 3
Valley Raiders,ON 0
WP Francis Leclair 6IP 1H 0ER 10K
LP Derick Bulley 6IP 8H 2ER 6K 1BB

Ed Taylor Shamroks,ON 2
Quyon Flyers, QC 1
WP in relief Gregg Garrity 6IP 0ER 13K
Jamie Wilson 1IP 1H 0ER Injury after 1IP
LP Bud Hanlon 7IP 3H 1ER 8K

Markham Majors,ON 4
Central Lumberjacks,ON 2
WP in relief Mike Goodfellow 2IP 2H 0ER 1K
Western 5IP 4H 1ER 5K 1BB
LP Adam Smith 6IP 3H 3ER 4K 5BB
HR: Crawford(Markham)

Napanee Express,ON 7
Central Lumberjacks,ON 1
WP Jordan MacDonald 5IP 2H 1ER 5K 3BB
LP Adam Smith 5IP 8H 5ER 1K 1BB

Ed Taylor Shamrocks,ON 0
LBB Electric,PEI 0
Shamrocks Pit:Gregg Garrity 7IP 3H 0ER 14K 3BB
LBB Pitcher: Jamie Blakely 7IP 1H 0ER 10K 3BB 1HBP

Ottawa Team Easton,ON
St Leonard Express,QC
WP Jeff Murphy 5IP 3H 1ER 9K 2BB
LP Mathieu Benoit 2IP 4H 4ER 4K 3BB Injury in 3rd Inning
relief from Pascal Gonthier 2IP 0H 3ER 1K 5BB 1HBP
HR: Randy Peck, Todd Fraser(Easton)

Scarborough Royals,ON 10
Valley Raiders,ON 5
WP Andrew Scott 5IP 8H 5ER 6K 3BB
LP Derick Bulley 3IP 7H 4ER 2K 0BB
relief from Will Mood 2IP 2H 1ER 1K 3BB

Napanee Express,ON 4
Markham Majors,ON 1
WP Madden 7IP 2H 1ER 10K 4BB
LP Mike Goodfellow 7IP 7H 3ER 1K 2BB
HR: Hassan(Markham), Roantree(Napanee)

Blackburn Bombers,ON 6
LBB Electric,PEI 0
WP Luc Thibault 6IP 2H 0ER 8K 1BB
LP Mike Bishop 6IP 10H 5ER 5K 1BB

Napanee Express,ON 6
Carp I4C Victory,ON 0
WP Jordan Macdonald 5IP 3H 0ER 0K 0BB
LP Paul Ceppi 3.1IP 6H 4ER 3K 1BB
HR: Wemp(Napanee)

Ottawa Team Easton,ON 4
Scarborough Royals,ON 2
WP Jeff Murphy 5IP 3H 1ER 6K 2BB
LP Andrew Scott 5IP 7H 4ER 4K 3BB
HR: Craig Buttar(Easton)

Sunday July 29
Quyon Flyers,Qc 2
Ed Taylor Shamrocks,ON 0
WP Bud Hanlon 7IP 4H 7K 2BB
LP Gregg Garrity 7IP 5H 10K 1BB 1HBP

Carp I4C Victory,ON 4
Scarborough Royals,ON 1
WP Neil Cooke 7IP 5H 1ER 12K 3BB
LP Andrew Skelton 7IP 6H 4K 3BB

Quyon Flyers,QC 3
Ottawa Team Easton,ON 2
WP Matt Greer 7IP 6H 2ER 6K 2BB
LP in relief Dan Konkle 4IP 4H 2ER 9K 2BB
Jeff Murphy 3IP 6H 2ER 3K 0BB
HR:Dennis McCleary(Quyon), Todd Fraser(Easton)

Napanee Express,ON 3
Carp I4C Victory,ON 0
WP Andy Madden 7IP 7H 0ER 4K 1BB
LP Neil Cooke 6IP 6H 3ER 10K
HR:Chris Lewis(Napanee)

Napanee Express,ON 3
Quyon Flyers,QC 2
WP Jordan MacDonald 7IP
LP Matt Greer 4IP 5H 2ER 3K
relief from Bud Hanlon 2IP 0H 0ER 1K

Scott Dumouchel
Ottawa Blitz Fastball


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