ISC-TV World Tournament Streaming Video Schedule

August 6, 2007

Kitchener, ON

The International Softball Congress is proud to announce the2007 schedule for ISC-TV.
This year, there will be live streaming video webcasts of 20ball games from The Peter Hallman
Ball Yard in Kitchener Ontario Canadasite of the 61st Annual ISC Men’s World Fastball Tournament.
“Last year we debuted ISC-TV to fastball fansworldwide, amassing nearly 50,000 viewers during the
course of the ISC World Tournament”, said DaveBlackburn, ISC Commissioner of Streaming and Broadcasting.  
“This year, we again plan to give people who love thissport, an opportunity to see these world-class
athletes, compete on biggest stage for men’s fastpitchsoftball. A broadband Internet connection,
and the free Windows Media Player, are the only things requiredby the viewing audience.”     
To view the games live, go to
or click the link on the ISC Home Page at
Sat 8/11  5:00 PM    Patsy’s ofNYC Vs Plangger's Furniture
Sat 8/11  8:00 PM    KitchenerHallman Twins Vs AshlandOH
Sat 8/11  10:00 PM  Broken Bow Gremlins Vs Horse Lake Thunder
Sun 8/12 4:00 PM Winner's Bracket Game # 20
Sun 8/12  6:00 PM   Winner's Bracket Game # 21
Sun 8/12  8:00 PM   Winner's Bracket Game # 22
Mon 8/13  5:00 PM  Winner'Bracket Game # 31
Mon 8/13  7:00 PM  Winner'Bracket Game # 33
Tue  8/14  5:00 PM  Winner's Bracket Quarter-Finals Game # 45
Tue  8/14  7:00 PM  Winner's Bracket Quarter-Finals Game # 47
Wed 8/15  5:00 PM  Winner'Bracket Quarter-Finals Game # 57
Wed 8/15  7:00 PM  Winner'Bracket Quarter-Finals Game # 59
Thu  8/16  5:00 PM   Winner's Bracket Semi-Finals Game # 68
Thu  8/16  7:00 PM   Winner's Bracket Semi-Finals Game # 69
Fri    8/17  5:00 PM   Loser's Bracket 6th Place Game # 73
Fri    8/17  7:00 PM   Winner's Bracket Final Game # 74
Fri    8/17  9:00 PM   Loser's Bracket 5th Place Game # 75
Sat   8/18  2:30 PM   Loser's Bracket 4th Place Game #76
Sat   8/18  5:00 PM   Loser's Bracket Final 3rd Place Game #77
Sat   8/18  7:30 PM   ISC WorldChampionship Game #78
Below are two hugely Important tips for improving the live streamingvideo performance in the Windows Media Player.
Tip #1 – Expanding your VirtualMemory (Takes about 30 seconds to do)
Click on youer computer’s "Start Button" andselect “Control Panel”.  
Double click the "System” Icon within the"Control Panel" Window.
Single Click on the "Advanced Tab" at the top ofthe "System Properties" Window.
In the "Performance" area of the"Advanced" Tab, single click on the "Settings"button. 
The "Performance Options" Window will pop up.
Select the "Advanced" Tab in the "PerformanceOprions" Windows.
In the "Virtual Memory" area of the"Performance Options" Window, click on the "Change" button,
Make sure that the Circle for the "Custom Size"area is selected.
Change the value of the number in the Initial Size Field tomatch the number in the Maximum Size Field.
Click the "Set" Button, and then click"OK" on the 3 open menus.
Adjusting this "Virtual Memory" setting should goa long way towards mitigating the problems of buffering and lock-up.
Tip #2 -  Adjusting the settings ofyour Windows Media Player (this also takes only about 30 seconds)
Make sure you have Windows Media Player v9.0 or higher(Windowsmedia Player version 11.0 is the most recent).
You can download it for free at this link)
Select the correct version for your operating system
Connect to the Video / Audio feed via the ISC Web site(
Select the link "View Live Streaming Video of ISC WorldTournament".
When the Windows Media Player opens make the followingchanges
while waiting for the video and audio stream to begin:
    1. Open Windows Media Player and rightclick on the top Menu Bar Select the "Tools" Menu
    2. From the "Tools" Menu select"Options"
    3. From the "Options" Page,select the "Performance" Tab
    4. On the "Performance" Tabmake the following setting changes:
Connection Speed
Change from "Detect Connection" Settings(recommended) to "Choose Connection Speed".
From the Drop Down Menu, select your connection speed.
It should be the menu choice "DSL / Cable(768Kbps)" for high speed ADSL, or Cable Internet connections.
Network Buffering
Change the Network Buffering Setting from "Use DefaultBuffering (default)" to "Buffer 20 seconds of content".
You may have to select a higher value depending on speed ofyour computer. Maximum setting is 60 seconds
Video Acceleration
Video Acceleration should be left at "Full". Clickon Apply, then click OK.
Dave Blackburn
ISC Commissioner
Streaming & Broadcasting

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