Event Parking and RV Parking at ISC World Tournament

August 7, 2007

Kitchener, ON

As anyone who has attended the ISC World Tournament in Kitchener knows there has been a tremendous parking facility adjacent to the Peter Hallman Ball Yard, both in 2002 and 2006. The City of Kitchener is however expanding their recreational facilities in that area and a new twin pad arena, running track and boxing club is under construction this year.
That said the Kitchener community has responded to the parking needs for such a prestigious event as theWorld Tournament. Hundreds of additional parking spots have been secured through local businesses, enhanced parking around the Peter Hallman facility and on the site of the new recreation complex. There are now more parking spots available than in previous years although there will be a stretch of the legs for late arrivals to the Yard. Just follow the signs and respect the generosity of the local businesses by keeping their sites free and clean of debris during your stay.
RV’s will also have a new home this year. City staff have done an tremendous job of preparing an expanded parking area and RVcamping space off Hanson Avenue adjacent to the ball park, and just a softball throw from the footbridge into the ball park complex. This RV area is as close to the playing field as possible, with trees and green area behind it. The surface is wood chipped so there will be no problems with gravel or mud . It is also 5 minutes from theKitchener Public Library branch located at the St.Mary’s High School. Take advantage of some real reading and relaxation during your tournament stay.
The RV parking will be $20 per night or $150 for the entire tournament. Camping permits can be purchased at the main ticket office at the ball park.
Please contact RossMaclean  at  for pre-booking your space. Please provide the arrival date, size and
type of RV . There are no services provided however there will be lighting in the area.   
Catch the Fever !!!                        

Larry Lynch

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