Peter Hallman Ballyard Ready to Go

August 10, 2007

Kitchner, ON


There is something electric about a ball park the day before the ISC World Tournament starts.

The park is alive with activity, people running in all directions, delivery trucks are unloading supplies, tents are almost all up, and tonight the park
is full of fans for the two exhibition games.

First up was a fun softball game between the local media and the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Team. Now who would you assume would win a game between
a group of young athletes, many of whom have been signed up to play this season in the NHL, and a group of long in the tooth.... or getting there, media types?
Well if the betting window had been open I would have taken a chance on the professional hockey team. But it was not to be, the media guys iced the hockey boys 14 to 11.
See the lineup:

I did not get to see much of the game, as my task as usual on the night before the World Tournament starts was to check the internet connection. Thankfully this year the connection worked
right away thanks to Sue Sherry, the Jack of All Trades who leads the team of volunteers looking after the technology.  The intetnet connection is always Priority ONE for me as we want to be
able to report game by game results starting with Game 1 on Friday afternoon. A lesser priority but an important item is getting my ergonomic chair from my car in the parking lot up to the the
Web/Stats booth. Thanks to Tournament Chair Duncan Matheson and his trusty golf cart we got that done quickly as well.

Next order of business was to get to the host hotel the Delta Kitchener and check in and also check the internet connection there. On the way out of the park I got the opportunity to say hello to most
of the Kitchener Hallman Twins who were coming into the park to prepare to play the Elmira Cubs in an exhibition game.

I had noticed that Rogers Cable TV were on hand and Duncan mentioned that the game was tape delayed locally so I was able to watch both games on TV in my hotel room as I set up our computers.
Very popular local announcers and fastball fans John Thompson (of Diamond Dirt fame) and Dave McLelland (the Voice of the Kitchener Rangers) are doing a great job of covering both games and giving a
running commentary on the action we can expect to see this week both on the field and off, such as the Hall of Fame Breakfast on Sunday morning.

Don Scott has the ball for Kitchener in the bottom of the 1st as they lead 1 - 0 over the Cubs.
Hallstead has the ball for the Cubs as we go into the T2.

Shackleton a 3 run home run in B3 for Twins followed by a solo HR by Shewfelt.

B3 Paul Koert in to pitch for Twins, they lead 7 - 0

Final, 8 - 2 for Twins.

Dave and John have announced that Rogers are covering a game each of Friday and Saturday night which will be seen here locally. As well, they will cover both championship games the final day of the tournaments.
Friday even it will be St. Thomas vs Albaugh, and Saturday it will be Twins vs Ashland.

John of course will be publishing an issue of Diamond Dirt each day this week and we will share those here with you.

A refreshing change in the weather, its a cool night in the park and after days and days of high temps and higher humidity, I do not think anyone minds.

Al Doran


2007 Season Plans for AlsFastball
We plan to be in–Kitchener – August 10-18 – 2007 ISC World Tournament

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