Fitzroy Harbour Tournament results

August 13, 2007

Fitzroy Harbour, ON

Fitzroy Harbour, ON

Ottawa Team Easton Thunder (ISC II #6) won the six team Fitzroy Harbour Tournament for the second year in a row, defeating Carp I4C Victory (ISC II #30) in the final.

Final Order of Finish:
Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder (ISC II #6) 3-0
Carp, ON I4C Victory (ISC II #31) 3-2
Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric (NR) 3-2
Quyon, QC COMBAT Flyers (ISC II #30) 1-2
Fitzroy Harbour, ON Badham Carpentry Juniors (NR) 1-2
Manotick, ON Lomor Printers (NR) 0-3

Friday August 10

West Carleton Electric 6 Fitzroy Badham Carpentry Juniors 0
WP - Jim Ryan
LP - Andrew Jahn with relief from Shawn Ryan
HR: Jon Daley (WC Electric)

Carp I4C Victory (ISC II #31) 4 Quyon COMBAT Flyers (ISC II #30) 0
WP - Trevor Wood with relief from Neil Cooke
LP - Joran Graham
HR: Al Read (Carp)

Saturday August 11

Ottawa Team Easton (ISC II #6) 5 WC Electric 1
WP - Dan Konkle
LP - Brad Porter with relief from Bud Hanlon
HR: Kevin Chevrier (Easton), Steve Johnson (WC Electric)

Carp I4C Victory (ISC II #31) 8 Manotick Lomor Printers 0
WP - Neil Cooke
LP - Trevor Lahey with relief from Tony Riches
HR: Mike Money, Trevor Wood, Sam Oliver (Carp)

Quyon Flyers (ISC II #30) 6 Fitzroy Juniors 1
WP - Earl Kearns with relief from Joran Graham
LP - Shawn Ryan with relief from Andrew Jahn
HR: Joe McCleary, Earl Kearns, Luke Young (Quyon)

WC Electric 4 Manotick 2
WP - Jim Ryan in relief of Bud Hanlon
LP - Trevor Lahey with relief from Tony Riches
HR: John Lindsey (Manotick), Jim Ryan (WC Electric)

Team Easton (ISC II #6) 6 Carp (ISC II #31) 1
WP - Jeff Murphy
LP - Paul Ceppi
HR: Lukas Kamps (Easton)

Fitzroy Juniors 9 Manotick 5 (beer tray consolation game)
WP - Shawn Ryan
LP - Don Cox with relief from Tony Riches
HR: Joe Simpson (Manotick)

WC Electric 2 Quyon (ISC II #30) 0
WP - Brad Porter
LP - Earl Kearns
HR: Jon Daley (WC Electric)

Sunday August 12

Carp I4C Victory (ISC II #31) 3 West Carleton Electric 0

WP - Neil Cooke
LP - Brad Porter with relief from Jim Ryan
HR: Kyle Gourgon (Carp)

Ottawa Team Easton Thunder (ISC II #6) 6 Carp I4C Victory (ISC II #31) 0

WP - Dan Konkle with relief from Jeff Murphy
LP - Mike Money
HR: Todd Fraser (2) Grand Slam and a 2 run shot, accounting for all 6 RBIs

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