The 11 Annual Southwestern PA 'All Wooden Bat Tournament'

August 26, 2007

Scottdale, PA

The 11 Annual Southwestern PA 'All Wooden Bat Tournament' Sponsored By "BWP Bats"
 and Presented By Route 66 Klubs & Robert German, Tax Advisor & Consultant in Scottdale, PA
*Note*  Due to extreme flooding and the losses which their families suffered, we want to extend or hearts and prayers to the 'Kentucky Headhunters' as more than half of their homeland was underwater.
This is the First All Wooden Fastpitch Softball Tournament in PA in over 25 years.  Slated with 9 teams to show, the brackets had to be altered the evening before due to the Kentucky team having to fall out due to the wrath of Mother Nature, however; Ron Kasch (Bat Rep for BWP Bats) was on hand to support the cause. "This is far beyond what we had in mind when this started", said Kasch, "We are overwhelmed by the local support of this event and the open-mindness of the other softball and baseball leagues that showed up to see our product in use.  We at BWP Bats stress safety and fair play and we're putting the game back in the hands of the fielders and to the true hitters of the game." 
Metal Wood Bats, out of Charleston, WV sent their representative to the event and offered each team a free sample bat for each team to keep and use in the tournament. "I feel that the proof to a wooden bat's success,  was found and proven tonight.  Our bats offer a metal shaft bat with a wooden sweet spot.  This offers teams a great product to educate the users  and players as how to use a wooden bat without having the continual costs of replacing broken bats."
A1 Sports also attended the evenings events as a local rep for softball sporting goods in the Tri State Area.  "This is my first Men's Fastpitch Tournament...and boy what I have been missing.  Each of these games that we watched tonight kept us on the edge of our chairs. And, I can't wait till tomorrow to see its outcome.  I tip my hat to all attached to making this event what it is."
Here's a rundown on today's games:
Round 1
2  Burgtown  (Pittsburgh,PA)  
7  Silverbacks  (SW PA)                     Billy Bretts WP
0  CMB  (Detroit,Mi)
1  PA Stock  (Eastern PA)                  Steven Banasick  WP
10  Maxwell's Big Bucks (Atlasburg, PA)    John Valina  WP
  2  German's  (East Huntingdon, PA)
3  WV Diamonds (Fairmont, WV)          Gregg Armon   WP
2  Carson's Tavern (Scottdale, PA)
Round 2
2  Silverbacks (SW PA)          LP   Ron Hribal          3 K's    4 Hits  3 Earned Runs
3  PA Stock   (Eastern PA)     WP  Steven Banasick    8K's   4 Hits  1 Earned Run
3  Maxwell's Big Bucks  (Atlasburg, PA)  LP  John Valina  5 K's    5 Hits  2 Earned Runs
4  WV Diamonds  (Fairmont WV)            WP
Round  3
8  WV Diamonds  (Fairmont, WV)  WP Clay       6 K's  6 Hits  2 Earned Runs
2  PA Stock  (Eastern PA)             LP Gower     4 K's  8 Hits  6  Earned Runs
Losers Bracket
Round 1
1  Burgtown
0  CMB
2  German's
6  Carson's Tavern
Round 2
0  CMB
1  Carson's Tavern
5  Burgtown
2  German's
Sundays Schedule
9:30 am  Loucks Park Field, Scottdale, PA
Burgtown  VS. Maxwell's Big Bucks
11:00 am  Loucks Park Field, Scottdale, PA
Carson's Tavern VS. Silverbacks


Steven L. Banasick


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