European Cup Winners Cup

August 31, 2007

Liberec, Czech Rep


Liberec, Czech Rep, August 28
Decos EHS wins opening game 33-0 against MRKA Medvedika (Croatia)
Decos EHS started well in its opening game against the team from Croatia. Unfortunately for MRKA New Zealand pitcher Jerol Lepold had to decline his invitation. Without a good pitcher the were not ableto compete against the strong batting line up from Decos EHS.
The first inning, Decos EHS scored 9 runs with a double from Michel Groenhart which scored Dave Hazel who got on base with a single. Hits from David Mertl, Jeffry Visser Pim Winkel and Patrik Kolkus resulted in a 9-0 lead.
The second inning we added 16 runs including hr's from Jeffry Visser (solo), Dave Hazel (inside the park +1) and a grand slam from Patrik Kolkus (a monster line drive).
The 3rd and last inning Decos EHS added 8 more runs. Dutch pitcher Erwin Visser threw a perfect game for three innings taking 5k's
Decos EHS 9-16-8 = 33 - 23 - 0
MRKA Medvedika 0-0-0 = 0-0-8
Decos EHS: Erwin Visser (W 1-0) 5-0-0-0
MRKA Medvedika: R. Dinko (L 0-1) 1-5-23-8
Dave Hazel 4-5, 1 HR 4 RBI's
Michel Groenhart 1-3 double, 2 RBI's
Patrik Kolkus 4-5, HR, 6 RBI's
David Mertl 2-4 RBI
Etienne Meier, 2-4 RBI
Jeffry Visser, 2-4, HR RBI
Pim Winkel, 3-5, 3 RBI's
Anthony Beaumont, 4-5 double, 4 RBI's
Allen Hazel, 1-4, 3 RBI's
Tomorrow we have a big day with games against Centrals (NL) and Horsholm (DEN)
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands


Liberec, Czech Rep, August 29
Decos EHS wins both games against Centrals (NL) and Horsholm (DEN)
The tournament really started for Decos EHS on Wednesday against two topteams Central (Netherlands) and Horsholm (Denmark)
Centrals - Decos EHS 0-10
Decos EHS ace Sebastian Gervasutti pitch a great no hitter which should have been a perfect game. The Czech umpire thoug decided to grant an undeserved walk to one of the Centrals players. Seba took 11k's in 5 innings of work.
The Decos EHS offense began aggresive with a hit from lead off hitter Dave Hazel who stole second and third. A double from Michel Groenhart scored Hazel. Czech player Patrik Kolkus was hit by pitch and a double from catcher David Mertl scored Groenhart.
A sacrifice fly Etienne Meier scored Kolkus and David Mertl got the fourth run in due to a passed ball.
Dave Hazel scored the fifth run in the second inning on a single and an error which took him to third. He scored on a sacrifice hit by Michel Groenhart.
In the third inning we scored three more runs on three hits including a two run hr by Jeffry Visser. In the fourth David Mertl hit a lead off double and scored on a single by Rody Stam who later scored himself the tenth run.
Centrals: 0-0-0-0-0 = 0-0-2
Decos EHS 4-1-3-2 = 10-9-0
Centrals: Rene Richardson (L) 3-4-9-3 4 inn 
Decos EHS: Sebastian Gervasutti (W) 11-1-0-0
Horsholm - Decos EHS  1-5
Czech National Team pitcher Jonas Mach pitch a great game against the top Danish team from Horsholm. He gave up one unearned run in the first when former Decos EHS player Michael Cameron got on base on a walk. An illegal pitch moved him to second and he scored on two passed balls.
After that only pitcher Martin Svoboda (also former Decos EHS player) got a hit of Mach.
Decos EHS got back in the game in the bottom of the first on a hr of the bat of Michel Groenhart. Decos EHS scored again in the fifth on a hr by Rody Stam. Decos EHS closed the game in the 6th inning on hits by Dave Hazel, walks for Groenhart and Mertl. Hazel scored on a sacrifice fly by Meier. Both Groenhart and Mertl scored on a double by Rody Stam. Stam had a great game with three RBI's, a double and a homerun.
Horsholm: 1-0-0-0-0-0-0 = 1-2-0
Decos EHS 1-0-0-0-1-3 = 5-5-1
Horsholm: Martin Svoboda (L) 6-2-5-0 (6inn)
Decos EHS: Jonas Mach (W) 8-2-2-1 (7inn)
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Liberec, Czech Rep, August 30
Decos EHS still undefeated at European Cup Winners Cup
Two games on this day for Decos EHS. To finish nr 1 or 2 we should win one of these games.
Decos EHS - Chomutov (Czech Rep) 8-0
Both teams decided it was not neccesary to bring out their top pitcher. For Decos EHS Erwin Visser had a great game shutting down the strong Czech offense.
Dutch lead off hitter Anthony (4 walks) got to third after a walk and two passed balls. Beaumont scored on a double by Michel Groenhart. David Mertl drew a walk, stole second and both Mertl and Groenhart scored on a double by Rody Stam. After Beaumont scored his second run in the 2nd inning, DEcos EHS added two more runs in the fifth with a solo hr by Rody Stam and a run by Jeffry Visser who was hit him by good old Pim Winkel. Another two runs in the 6th by Patrik Kokus and Etienne Meier caused the six inning mercy rule.
Decos EHS 3-1-0-0-2-2 = 8-6-2
Chomutov 0-0-0-0-0-0 = 0-5-0
Decos EHS: Erwin Visser (W) 4-0-5-0 (6inn)
Chomutov: Thomas Benda (L) 2-6-3-0 (2 1/3 +2 inn)
                Jiri Brabec 1-3-3-2 (3 1/3 inn)
Frameries (Belgium) - Decos EHS  0-15
In the last game in the preliminary round, it was time to rest some players. Pitchers Gervasutti and Mach split the pitching duties to keep their rythm going.
The Belgium team isn't really a contender in this tournament so we played it safe to avoid injuires.
Decos EHS scored 4 runs in the first on 5 walks and two HBP. Two more were added in the second on hits by Michel Groenhart and Rody Stam. One was added in the 3rd and we reached the 15 run mercy rule by adding 8 rund in the fourth including a monster 3 run hr by Patrik Kolkus.
Frameries 0-0-0-0 = 0-1-3
Decos EHS 4-2-1-8 = 15-10-0
Frameries: Kevin Duez (L) 0-5-2-1 (1 2/3 inn + 2)
               Steve van Wonsel (2 inn)
Decos EHS: Sebastian Gervasutti (W) 3-0-1-0 (2inn)
                Jonas Mach 4-0-0-0 (2inn)
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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