Decos EHS European Cup Winners Cup Champions 2006 & 2007, a thank you!

September 3, 2007

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Haarlem, The Netherlands, September 3rd 2007
This years European Cup Winners Tournament has been one of the strongest ever we believe and therefor we rate the accomplishments of the team even higher then last year's win. We would like to thank a few people that helped us make this tournament such a success.
The organizers
Jiri Senk and his staff did a great job organizing a tournament in the beautifull city of Liberec for the first time. The field was excellent and the ground crew did a great job getting it in shape. Although the game of Fastpitch Softball is not very popular in this part of the Czech Republic, the people were very hospitable. Great job Jiri.
The fans
Although there were not many fans around, the ones we brought pulled us through the tournament. Thanks guys, we loved the songs (we will publish them on YouTube shortly;o))
The sponsors
Thanks to all of you. We couldn't have done it without you.. A special thanks to the guys of Decos (, our main sponsor, who has supported us tremendously. Thanks, Paul, Bert, Bas. I'm sure Rody will bring the bill of Saturday night's drinks  ;o)
The team
Erik Zomerdijk - we're glad that you're coming back so quickly. You deserved to be there and we are sorry that you weren't able to make it. Don't forget, you're one of us and you deserved to be there. Unfortunately you weren't able to make it but you would have loved it as much as we did.
Sebastian Gervasutti - Seba, you played with "cojones" my friend. You weren't afraid to take the ball when we needed you. You pitched great, getting the award for Best Pitcher and throwing a no hitter in the final. But maybe even more important, you fitted great in the team. On and of the field you, we enjoyed every minuted of you. Don't forget, you're a Bulldog now. Muchos gracias amigo. You're always welcome.
Jonas Mach - at the start of the season, we didn't expect you to join us in this tournament and were pleasantly surprised that in the end you could join us. Although Seba threw the last three games, there was never a doubt in our mind that we could have gone to you as soon as Seba had gotten into trouble. You threw a 2 hitter against a good Danish team in a very important game during the round robin which gave us the convidence that we had the best pitching staff in this tournament. We'll see you very soon in the Dutch competition again.
Erwin Visser - you completed our pitching staff and with your experience threw a no run game against the nr 2 Chomutov in the Round Robin. You're always good against the top teams and you showed us that the Dutch National Team cannot do without you. You're still the best Dutch pitcher and I'm sure many Czech people will login to your radio station ( )
David Mertl - after discussing opportunities several years, you decided it was time to play for the Bulldogs. We're sure you enjoyed every minute of it, on and of the field ;o). Dave shared the catching duties with Anthony Beaumont and brought a strong bat to the plate aswell as speed on the bases. Dave is a big prospect in Czech and a great teammate. His English got better every day (or was that due to the Czech beers...) and we're proud that he was on our roster. Hope to see you soon!!
Anthony Beaumont - Antho shared the catching duties with David. Going 8 for 18 from the plate with and getting on base 12 out of 20 times, Antho did what he is good at. That's getting on base and score runs. Well done kid!
Rody Stam - there are not many players in Europe that are as crazy as this guy. Rody won the award for best batter (10H's-16AB's, 2HR's, 1 triple, 3 doubles) although the TC almost stole that away from him... You stepped up in the important games at the plate and always made the players and (some) umpires laugh.
Jeffry Visser - one of the most talented players we have. If this kid puts even more effort in it then he already does he is able to became one of the most dominant players in Europe. Also our best dancer ;o). Good tournament Jeff!
Allan Hazel - Allan is getting better every game he plays. In his first year of fastpitch coming from baseball, Allan shows us that he's a big prospect for the future. Defensively aswell as offensively, this guy has great skills and plays with a lot of energy. Great job Mack!
Michel Groenhart - Our captain and if anyone from Europe has the skills to play overseas, it's this guy. This guy is ISC material. Mich make impossible plays looking easy. Never a showboat (well....maybe that one diving catch ;o)) but positioning himself in such a manner that tough plays look easy. A great teammate and role model to the up and coming players. Thanks Mich!
Pim Winkel - it takes a 40 foot truck to get this guy of the field...or a virus...Pim is always there for us against good pitchers. In his 40's this guy still has quick hands offensively and also from third base. Pim was unfortunately out for the final games due to a virus but he killed it single handedly with a little help from Mr. Bacardi... Pim every year you tell us you'll retire but what about one more our friend?
Patrik Kolkus - the best arm in Europe. We've been talking to this guy for a few years and finally Pat decided to come along with the Bulldogs. Pat, you're a great guy on and of the field. You're choice of music is lousy ;o) but we loved to have you on our roster. This guy goes for every play and plays with his heart. The hr's from Jeff were deep but your line drive hr to left center field was a monster. I'm sure we'll meet soon again. Thanks!
Dave Hazel - in his second year with the Bulldogs, Dave is becoming more important every game. A great lead off hitter offensively who can play the short game aswell a taking the ball deep. He has great speed on the bases and combined with a good jump in centerfield Dave has a huge range. The only one who sung the national anthem during the ceremonies but he is undoubtely the worst singing afro american guy on this globe ;o)
Etienne Meijer - A guy that is able to play almost every position on the field. Always playing hard and important in the big games. Another guy that stepped up when necesarry. 3 rbi's in the final with a single, a homerun and a stolen base. You'll enjoy your family meetings the coming 12 months. Thanks roomy
And finally my brother in crime
Rob de Mooij aka Mister EHS - Rob you hold this team together. These are the moments of glory that we do it for. All these hours and meetings (at 8 in the morning) that we spent on our club are well spend when I saw how proud you were the moment Allan made the final play. We couldn't have done it without you. We have made the right decisions in bringing this group of great players together and I'm sure we will continue having fun like this for the next couple of years. Although I know you don't like to be in the spotlights, you deserve it the most!!
Like our friend Darren Davies said, I think it's time to take the show overseas!!
Thanks to all of you for a great week of fun and great fastpitch!
Go Bulldogs
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands