Greater Ottawa Fastball League Second Round

September 4, 2007

Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON

Here is a quick preview on the second round semi-final best-of-five series in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League. All first round series were 2-0 sweeps (see end of message for scores). For schedules and game results, visit

Series D: 1st Carp I4C Victory (15-6-2) vs. 5th Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric (11-10-2)

Carp defeated the Ottawa Blitz in the first round of the playoffs, while WC Electric defeated cross-border rival Quyon Flyers. I4C Victory won the season series 2 games to 1. I4C and WC Electric have never met in the playoffs before. Here is how the teams fared against one another in the regular season:

I4C Victory 5 WC Electric 0 - May 25 - in Fitzroy Harbour

WC Electric 5 I4C Victory 4 - June 12 - in Fitzroy Harbour

I4C Victory 3 WC Electric 1 - July 12 - in Carp

E: 2nd Stittsville 56ers (14-6-3) vs. 3rd Ottawa Team Easton (14-7-2)

Stittsville defeated the Orleans Gators in the first round of the playoffs, while Team Easton Electric swept Manotick Lomor Printers. As both teams play out of the Alexander Grove, all games will be in Stittsville. The 56ers won the season series 2 games to 1 in a set of games that ended up getting played over the course of five days. These two teams played in the league finals last year, with Easton winning 3 games to 1, which was the same result when the two teams met in the 2005 GOFL final:

Stittsville 6 Team Easton 3 - July 8 - at Fitzroy "Harbour Days"<

Team Easton 8 Stittsville 3 - July 10 - in Stittsville

Stittsville 5 Team Easton 1 - July 12 - neutral site game in Carp<


First round results in GOFL play:

Series A:
Carp I4C Victory 7 (WP: Paul Ceppi) Ottawa Blitz 3 (LP: Jamie Blakely)
Carp I4C Victory 4 (WP: Trevor Wood) Ottawa Blitz 2 (LP: Jamie Blakely) - 8 innings

Series B
Stittsville 56ers 9 (WP: Dan Bradley) Orleans Gators 2 (LP: Nick Bowman)
Stittsville 56ers 11 (WP: Dan Bradley) Orleans Gators 2 (LP: Nick Bowman)

Series C
Ottawa Team Easton 5 (WP: Kevin Chevrier) Manotick Lomor Printers 4 (LP: Trevor Lahey)
Ottawa Team Easton 1 (WP: Dan Konkle) Manotick Lomor Printers 0 (LP: Jason Smith)

Series D
Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric 14 (WP: Brad Porter) Quyon Flyers 7 (LP: Len Burger)
Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric 10 (WP: Jim Ryan) Quyon Flyers 6 (LP: Len Burger)