Looking for Instructor Names from 2007 Bridge to the Future Clinics

September 11, 2007

Kitchener, ON

Once again this year the ISC Bridge to the Future Skills Clinic at the World Tournament proved to be a resounding success. Kudos to event chairperson Pete McIllwraith and his “never stopwork” assistant, Kathy Wilkinson.
The Bridge clinic  is one of the unsung events of the ISC World Tournament, and it can only happen with the unselfish volunteerism of players, coaches, administrators and fans who generously give their time forthe “ love of the game. “
Over the course of the 2007 Bridge to the Future, 4 separate events attracted some of the games true sportsmen to work with over 300 boys and girls. One true tournament highlight for many of the instructors was the Special Needs clinic at Peter Hallman Ball Yard on Tuesday evening. I don’tknow who had more fun, the participants or the instructors, but I do know that when you see young people barely able to walk running down the baseline you realize what the game is really all about. One youngster in a wheel chair and ahuge grin  may have said it best when he received the new ball glove awarded for  heart and desire,  “ Now I know what it feels like to play for the Blue Jays  ! “
The ISC World Championship guide is proud to publish the names of all of those  instructors who unselfishly volunteered their time for the ‘Love of the Game.”  A number of players did not leave their names prior to the end of each event and I would ask that if you were part of the Bridge to the Future you contact me with your name and team affiliation.
I have a list that I have already submitted to ISC Executive Director, Ken Hackmeister, I don’t want to miss anyone.
Please send your name and that of any teammates who may have participated to Larry Lynch at
Thanks for your response and don’t forget, you can get involved in Kimberly in 2008.