I. S. C. World Tournament Video Archives Now Available

September 22, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT

I. S. C. World Tournament Video Archives Now Available
The Streaming and Broadcast Committee of the International Softball Congress is proud to announce that video archives of 37 ISC World Tournament fastball games are now available for on-demand web viewing. Starting with the championship game in the 2004 ISC World Tournament from Fargo, ND, the archival video library includes three games from the final day of the ISC World Tournament in 2005 from Eau Claire, WI., and continues through games from the 2007 World Tournament.
The expanded coverage of World Tournament games began in 2006, made possible by the design and procurement of a live video tele-production system, and by the subsequent launch of ISC-TV.  Fifteen games are archived from 2006, and eighteen games are archived from the recently completed 2007 ISC World Tournament in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
To view the games in the archive, go to the ISC Home Page,
and click the Sportsjuice / ISC icon at the bottom of the page. 
To select a game from the video archive library, either select the most recent archive listed above the archive window, or click the down arrow in the archive window, and select the game of your choice. Viewers must have the Microsoft Windows Media Player installed on their computer, to play the ball game videos. To change between Full Screen mode, or other selectable video sizes, right click in the video image and then select. Once the game starts, to scroll to any point in the video, just click, hold, and drag the video progress slider button to any desired point in the time line.
The best news of all is that the on-demand archives do not appear to suffer from any of the buffering issues that plagued some fans during the streaming of ISC’s live broadcasts from the annual ISC world tournament.
“This public video archive of elite men’s fastpitch softball games is the largest collection in the history of the sport”, said Dave Blackburn, ISC-TV Producer. “It is the result of the hard work and collaborative effort of numerous dedicated ISC commissioners, specialists, and volunteers.”
“Our dual objectives are to satisfy the interests of fastball’s existing fan base while also exposing the sport to those who have not seen elite men’s fastball games of ISC World Tournament caliber”, Blackburn stated. “Hopefully, this exposure will help inspire a new generation of young male athletes to participate in the great sport of fastball,”
ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister was equally delighted.  “The ISC is very happy to be able to provide this extensive video access to World Tournament games from 2004 through 2007. We are grateful to Dave Blackburn, and we commend his professionalism and dedication in making these archives a reality. In addition to greatly expanded sport exposure, these archived games could and should be utilized by teams as an outstanding player recruitment tool.”
In a related note, Dave Blackburn has announced that the number of hits for this year’s live broadcasts of I.S.C. World Tournament games totaled 58,963 a substantial increase from the 45,000 such hits during the 2006 World Tournament.
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