Schutt Hitmen Memorial cup Tournament - AU

September 23, 2007

Melbourne, AU

 Well the first hit out for the Schutt Hitmen has ended very well. The team ,having never played together before, have come away with all positive points pointing to our younger players. Danny Ingram and Callum Holmes making strong points for starting spots. The older guard of the team also having a great weekend with the come back of Gary Hurinui. Andrew Evans and Alex Bolitho showed  the fans what this team has to offer this year.
Michael Hurinui, with  Jim Grego on the mound,  picked up right where they left off a few years ago.
I also have to mention the impact Ashton Edwards and Jamie Hurinui  had  leading the team  from the infield  as well as  in the batters box.Both  coming away with some very impresive stats.

Coach Frank Grego praised the efforts of the mix of young and old players performing they way they did for a great start to the season with the Shutt team now going to 4 - 1.

A special thanks to the supporters of Schutt Hitmen who were at every game this weekend never letting us down.

Results Sunday 23 September 2007

Schutt Hitmen   7
Giants    0
WP Andrew Evans
LP Rohan Mullin

Hitmen - Jim Grego 3/3 Dbl 3 RBIs  Danny Ingram 2/3 1 RBI   Ashton Edwards  2/3 2RBIs Cullum Holmes 2/3

Schutt Hitmen   6
Altona  1
WP Jim Grego
LP Drew Faulkner

Hitmen - Cullum Holmes 3/3 HR 2 RBIs  Jim Grego 2/3 HBP 2 RBIs Jamie Hurinui 2/3 1 RBI Danny Ingram 1/3 1 RBI

Our next games will be in League play in the Impact printing fastball league on Tuesday the 9th of October I look forward to sending you our progress.


Jim Grego

Jim Grego
Schutt Hitmen Fastpitch

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