ASA bats

February 7, 2008


 have been hearing about this for some time but looks like something official has come out.  I received a note from Easton stating the following:

There has recently been a change in the way the ASA will test bats.  Consequently, Easton must discontinue ASA (only) composite slow and fastpitch manufacturing.

Currently approved composite Slow-Pitch and Fastpitch bats can be shipped by manufacturers to retailers through July 1, 2008.

Retailers will be allowed to continue to sell all approved composite Slow-Pitch and Fastball bats as their inventories allow.  Players will be allowed to use all approved composite Slow-Pitch and Fastpitch bats for the life of the bats.  This includes NCAA and high school fastpitch.

Approved composite warranty return bats can be issued by manufacturers to customers through Oct. 1, 2008.  Following Oct. 1, 2008, Easton will replace warranty composite bats with the highest end/equivalent bat we have to offer to our customer..

Mike Van Dine II
MVD Sports
magicn2(at)yahoo dot com


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