Canada East ISC II - Harriston & Palmerston

June 22, 2008

Harriston & Palmerston, ON

Canada East ISC II qualifier games
Canada East ISC II qualifier
Harriston & Palmerston
Game 4 - Palmerston 8 pm
Alvinston Indians at Rockwood Rush
Rockwood 9
Alvinston 7 - 12 innings
WP: Scott Gordon
LP: Doug Charlton
Will Lake hits a walk-off 2-run HR in B12
Game 1 - Harriston 9 pm
Harriston Mercurys at Innerkip Eagles
Harriston 4.8.0
Innerkip 1.5.2
WP: Scott Smith 7IP 1R 1ER 5H 10Ks 2BB
Geoff Gunson
LP: Mark Van Vliet 3IP 3R 3ER 5H3Ks
Tim Neill 4IP 1R 0ER 3H 8Ks
Brett Witzel
Harriston: Kevin Lang 2b, 3b; Jeremy Creeden 2 RBIs; Aaron Small RBI
Innerkip: Nate Awde 2-3; Paul Barron 2-3; Paul McIntyre 3b RBI
Player of the Game: Scott Smith
Blue Crew: Steve Kuhl & Tim Whitelaw

Gorgeous night for fastball here in Harriston and in Palmerston. 
Friday 7 pm - Harriston
Game 3
Shakespeare Falcons at Bridgeport Braves
Shakespeare 1.6.2
Bridgeport 2.6.0
WP: Todd Winkworth 6IP 1R 1ER 6H 8Ks 1BB
Ross Herold
LP: Fred Follings 7IP 2R 1ER 6H 10Ks 1BB
Rob Faulhafer
Bridgeport: Rick Johnston 2-3, RBI
Shakespeare: Jamie Amos 2b; Jamie Wicke RBI
Bridgeport scored 1 in B1 and plated an unearned run in B6 after Shakespeare had tied it in T5.
Player of the game: Todd Winkworth
Blue: Tim Whitelaw and Darryl Ford
Game time: 1hr 17min
7 pm - Palmerston
Wyevale Tribe vs Mitchell Mets
Wyevale 4
Mitchell 2
WP: Jason Giffen
LP: Kevin Pomfret
Player of the game: Wyevale's Graham McNabb 3-4 2RBIs, run scored

Game 5 - Palmerston 9 pm
Glencoe Astros vs Ohsweken Redmen
Glencoe 8
Ohsweken 1 - 5 innings
WP: Ian Knott
LP: Phil Martin

Canada East ISC II Qualifier
Saturday June 20
9 am at Harriston
Game 7 Wyevale Tribe at Bridgeport Braves
Wyevale 4.11.1
Bridgeport 2.5.1
WP: Graham McNabb 7IP 2R 2ER 5H 5Ks 1BB
Mike Kelly
LP: Todd Winkworth 7IP 4R 4ER 11H 4Ks
Ross Herold
Wyevale: Dave Drinkill 2-4 2b 3RBIs; Mike Kelly 2-3 RBI
Bridgeport: Sam Forbes HR; Jay Schnarr RBI
Player of the game: Dave Drinkill
Blue Crew: Darryl Ford, Steve Kuhl
9 am at Palmerston
Game 8 Port Elgin Blue Devils vs Rockwood Rush
Port Elgin 5
Rockwood 1
WP: Rob Fawcett
LP: Joel Pegg, relief Kyle Anderson
Port Elgin: Shawn Detzler 3b 2RBIs

Canada East ISC II qualifier
Saturday June 21
11 am at Harriston - Game 6
Elmira Cubs at Harriston Mercurys
Elmira 9.9.0
Harriston 1.4.2
WP: Casey Halstead 6IP 1R 1ER 4H 5Ks
Graham Baechler
LP: Greg Vader 41/3IP 7R 7ER 6H 5Ks 4BB
Scott Smith 1 2/3 2R 1ER 3H 1K
Trevor Seip
Elmira: Bob Gillow HR, 2b, 1b 4RBIs; Andy Baechler 2-RBI 2B; Graham Baechler HR
Harriston: Aaron Small HR
Player of the Game: Bob Gillow
11 am at Palmerston Game 9
Elora Wellington Brewers at Glencoe Astros
Elora 3
Glencoe 2 - 10 innings
WP: Todd Uhrig
LP: Ian Knott
Game-winning run scores on a wild pitch in T10. Elora 1b makes a circus catch and stays on the bag on B10 to record final out.

1 pm - Game 10 Palmerston
Mitchell Mets at Shakespeare

Mitchell 7.7.-
Shakespeare 0.2.-
WP: Jeff Pauli 5IP 2H 2Ks 2BB
Matt McGill
LP: Fred Follings 4IP 7R 7ER 7H 2Ks 1BB
Nick Laurette 1IP 1H 1K
Rob Faulhafer
Mitchell: AJ Moses 2 RBIs; Matt McGill 2 RBIs; Jeff Pauli 2 RBIs
Player of the Game: Jeff Pauli
Shakespeare eliminated

3 pm - Game 11 Harriston
Innerkip Eagles at Glencoe Astros
Glencoe 3.5.0
Innerkip 2.6.2
WP: Jason Dawdy 7IP 2R 1ER 6H 5Ks
Brad Reed
LP: Tim Neill 6Ip 3R 3ER 5H 8Ks
Paul Barron
Glencoe: Brad Reed HR, 2b; Mark Johnson 1b, SAC fly RBI
Innerkip: Jon Atkinson HR; Joe Thornton 2b, 1b
Player of the game: Brad Reed
Innerkip eliminated
3 pm Game 14 Palmerston
Rockwood Rush at Harrisotn Mercurys
Harriston 1
Rockwood 0
WP: Scott Smith
LP: Scott Gordon
Harriston scores on a bases loaded wild pitch in B7
Player of the game: Scott Smith
Rockwood eliminated

Canada East ISC II Qualifier
5 pm Game 13 Harriston
Ohsweken Redmen at Alvinston Indians
Ohsweken 6.11.2
Alvinston 4.6.1
WP: Phil Martin 7IP 4R 3ER 6H 8Ks
Robert Bomberry
LP: Doug Charlton 2 1/3 IP 3R 3ER 5H 2Ks 1BB
in relief of Ryan Swift 4 2/3 IP 3R 3ER 6H 3Ks
Scott Smith
Ohsweken: Robert Hill HR; Norm Logan 3-4 2b RBI; Luke Hopkins RBI; Robert Bomberry 2 RBIs
Alvinston: Ryan Chapman 2 RBIs; Dan Garmon RBI
Alvinston strands the tying run at 2nd in B7
Player of the Game Phil Martin - no hitter in to the 6th
Alvinston eliminated
5 pm Game 12 Mitchell Mets at Bridgeport Braves
Bridgeport 8
Mitchell 7 - 8 innings
WP: Todd Winkworth 1 1/3 IP in relief of Corey Avery 6 2/3 IP
LP: Kevin Gettler 1 1/3 IP in relief of Kevin Pomfret 6 2/3 IP
Player of the Game Bridgeport's Jamie Boyd HR, 1b
Mitchell eliminated

7 pm Game 16 Harriston
Ohsweken Redmen at Harriston Mercurys
Harriston 7.9.-
Ohsweken 0.3.-
WP: Greg Vader 5IP 3H 4Ks
Geoff Gunson
LP: Lee Hopkins 2 1/3 IP 5R 5ER 6H 1K 2BB
Phil Martin 1 2/3 IP 2R 2ER 3H 1K 1BB
Robert Bomberry
Harriston: Jeremy Creeden HR; Scott Walls 3b, 1b 2 RBIs; Ryan Fisk 2-3 2b
Player of the Game: Greg Vader
7 pm Game 15 Palmerston
Bridgeport Braves at Glencoe Astros
Bridgeport 4
Glencoe 2
WP: Todd Winkworth
LP: Ian Knott
Player of the Game Todd Winkworth - 2-hitter
Saturday June 21
9 pm Game 17 Harriston
Wyevale Tribe at Elmira Cubs
Elmira 8.5.0
Wyevale 1.3.0
WP: Casey Halstead 6IP 1R 1ER 3H 9Ks
Graham Baechler
LP: Jason Giffen 3IP 3R 3ER 2H 7Ks 3BBs
Graham McNab 2 2/3 IP 5R 5ER 3H 1K 6BBs
Mike Kelly, Rick Hales 4th
Elmira: Adam Hiller 2-3 2 HRs 5 RBIs; Mike Harnock HR; Andy Baechler RBI; Bob Gillow RBI
Wyevale: Mark Lambie HR
Giffen takes a line drive off left wrist and finishes inning, but comes out of the game
Player of the Game: Adam Hiller
9 pm Game 18 Palmerston
Port Elgin Blue Devils vs Elora Wellington Brewers
Elora 7
Port Elgin 3
WP: Nic Goetz
LP: Matt Hamilton
Player of the Game: Nic Goetz

Sunday June 22
9 am Game 19 Palmerston

Bridgeport Braves vs Wyevale Tribe
Bridgeport 11
Wyevale 0 - 5 innings
WP: Corey Avery
LP: Jason Giffen
Player of the Game: Bridgeport's Terry Eaton 3-3 HR Grand Slam
Wyevale eliminated
9 am Game 20 Palmerston
Harriston Mercurys at Port Elgin Blue Devils
Port Elgin 5
Harriston 2
WP: Steve Ketchell
LP: Greg Vader
Port Elgin: Mike Reilley HR
Harriston: Aaron Small RBI
Player of the game:  Steve Ketchell
Harriston eliminated
11 am Game 21 Palmerston - loser's bracket semi-final
Bridgeport Braves vs Port Elgin Blue Devils
11 am Game 22 Harriston - winner's bracket final
Elora Wellington Brewers at Elmira Cubs

Todd Uhrig vs Casey Halstead
Scoreless thru 1 complete
Sunday June 22
11 am Game 22 Harriston Winner's bracket final
Elora Wellington Brewers at Elmira Cubs
Elmira 7.12.0
Elora 3.6.1
WP: Casey Halstead 7IP 3R 3ER 6H 8Ks
Graham Baechler
LP: Todd Uhrig 7IP 7R 7ER 12H 8Ks
Jay Hall
Elmira: Matt Reinhart 2x 2-run HRs 4RBIs; Adam Hiller 2-3 2-run HR; Lyndon Grovum 2-3
Elora: Todd Uhrig 2-run HR; Scott McDougall 2-4; Terry Martin 3b RBI
Player of the game: Matt Reinhart
11 am Game 21 Palmerston
Port Elgin Blue Devils vs Bridgeport Braves
Bridgeport 9
Port Elgin 5
WP: Todd Winkworth
LP: Rob Fawcett
Player of the game: Jodie Schnarr 3-3 BB run scored

Palmerston loser's bracket final
Game 23
Bridgeport Braves at Elora Wellington Brewers
Todd Winkworth vs Nic Goetz
Underway at 2 pm

Palmerston loser's bracket final
B1 Terry Martin lead off Hr
Scott McDougall 2b, Jeff Detta Hr
3-0 thru 1 complete

Elora 5 Bridgeport 1 - thru 4 complete
B4 Scott McDougall 2-RBI single
Winkworth out, Corey Avery in

Elora wins 5-1 will play Elmira in final.

Bridgeport recives a berth in ToC.

Canada East ISC II Qualifier
Sunday June 22
1 pm Game 23 Harriston (2 pm start time)
Bridgeport Braves at Elora Wellington Brewers
Elora 5.9.0
Bridgeport 1.8.0
WP: Nic Goetz 7IP 1R 1ER 8H 6Ks
Jay Hall
LP: Todd Winkworth 32/3 IP 5R 5ER 8H 1K 1BB
Cory Avery 2 1/3 IP 1H 1K
Ross Herold
Elora: Terry Martin lead off HR; Scott McDougall 2-3 3b 2 RBIs;  Jeff Detta 2-run HR; Greg Scheel 2-3; Todd Uhrig 2-3
Bridgeport: Ross Herold 2b; Don Harris RBI
Player of the game: Scott McDougall
Bridgeport eliminated - receives a berth the 2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions
3 pm (scheduled - 4 pm start time) Game 24 Harriston
Elmira Cubs at Elora Wellington Brewers

Palmerston Championship Game
Elmira Cubs at Elora Wellington Brewers
T2 Elmira Lyndon Grovum RBI single scores Grant Baechler
Elmira 1 Elora 0

B2 Elora Mike Pinder solo Hr

T3 Elmira
Matt Reinhart solo Hr
2-1 Elmira

T4 Elmira
Graham Baechler solo Hr
3-1 Elmira

T5 Elmira
Andy Baechler RBI 2b to score Reinhart
Goetz out Uhrig in to pitch
Adam Hiller RBI 1b scores Baechler
5-1 Elmira

Still 5-1 Elmira thru 6 complete

T7 Elmira
Andy Baechler Rbi 1b scores Reinhart's 3b
6-1 Elmira

4 pm - Championship Game
Elmira Cubs at Elora Wellington Brewers

Elmira 6.12.0
Elora 1.1.1
WP: Casey Halstead 7IP 1R 1ER 1H 6Ks 2BBs
Graham Baechler
LP: Nic Goetz 4+IP 5R 5ER 7H 4Ks
Todd Uhrig 3IP 1R 1ER 5H 3Ks
Jay Hall
Elmira: Matt Reinhart 3-4  HR; Graham Baechler HR; Andy Baechler 1b 2b 2 RBIs; Lyndon Grovum RBI; Adam Hiller RBI
Elora: Mike Pinder HR
Player of the game: Casey Halstead 1-hitter
Tournament MVP Matt Reinhart, Elmira Cubs
Elmira Cubs receive a paid berth to the 2008 ISC II Tournament of Champions and travel money paid in Appleton.
Elora Wellington Brewers receive a paid berth to the 2008 ToC.
On behalf of ISC Canada East, I want to thank the Palmerston-Harriston Host Committee and the staff at Palmerston Park and Harriston Park for an outstanding weekend of fastball. Geoff Gunson, Trevor Seip, Mary Beth & Ron Gilbert, Rick Fisk and the Mercurys did a great job.
Thanks to UiC Peter Kluszczynski and his team who did fantastic work all weekend. Thank you also to ISC II staffers Doug Bach, Chris Bach, Laurie Fraser and Jim Marr for their assistance this weekend.
Congratulations to the Elmira Cubs who were dominating, along with Elora Wellington Brewers and Bridgeport Braves - who will all represent Canada East extremely well at the ToC.
Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP