2008 Men's Major Fast Pitch National Tournament

June 23, 2008

Stevens Point, WI

July 31- August 2, 2008
Zenoff Park, Stevens Point WI

 Teams must submitbefore the 5:00 pm CST deadline on Friday,July 11, 2008. This will allow tournament staff five (5) business days to verify that each teamis registered, in good standing and has been approved by their localassociation commissioner for National Tournament play before thetournament draw.  Any team not registered will be notified by emailand telephone and be assessed a nominal registration fee (established bytheir local association) which must be paid before the tournament shall bepaired.  Entry fees should be mailed to: theirentry fee ($350) be cashiers or certified check

StevensPoint Softball Association
PO Box 663
Stevens Point WI 54481
 Provided all is in order, theNational Office staff shall pair the tournament on the morning of Tuesday, July15, 2008.  The tournament bracket, complete with game times and fieldassignments, will be posted on this web page by end of day.  Teams will becontacted by email and telephone as to whom, when and where they play.

All hotelsinformation can be received by calling Sara Brish @ The Stevens Point AreaConvention and Visitors Bureau at 715-344-2556 or 800-236-4636 ext. 12. You canalso find information at www.stevenspointarea.com orby e-mailing: sara@stevenspointarea.com

A mandatory manager'sbrunch shall be held on Thursday, July 31 at 11:00 am CST at the host hotel,The Country Springs Hotel.  Each team must be represented and shall beallowed two (2) representatives at no charge.  Additional representativesmay attend the meeting for a nominal $15 charge, which must be paid before themeeting begins.  The meeting / brunch shall feature introductions oftournament staff and brief dialog from the tournament director, ASArepresentative and umpire-in-chief concerning tournament procedures and theirexpectations.  At this meeting (or before) managers must submit their ASAOfficial Waiver & Release of Liability & Indemnification ChampionshipRoster and any ASA Pickup Forms to tournament staff.  These forms musthave all players' names on them at this time.  Players may completeaddress information and sign the forms when they arrive at the tournament, but before they shallbe eligible to participate.
Allparticipants, on all teams shall be required to show photo ID, and sign an ASA check-in formbefore they shall be eligible to participate in the tournament.  Teammanagers shall bring all their players to the check in table at the field atleast one (1) hour before their first scheduled game time.  Anyparticipant who arrives after their teams' check in shall report to the ZenoffPark Office and request to be checked in.  This must happen before theparticipant is eligible to participate in the tournament (violations shall result in forfeit).

Play isscheduled to begin Thursday, July 31 at 4:00 pm CST.  Depending on theactual number of teams which enter this event we will play Thursday - Saturday,July 31 - August 2.  Sunday, August 3 will be reserved in case ofinclement weather.  The Zenoff Park Softball Complex has three (3)championship fields, all of which have lights and irrigation systems.  Wehave previously hosted the ASA Men's Class A Slow Pitch National Championship,Coed Class A National Championship, Menʼs Major Slow Pitch NationalChampionship and the Menʼs Major Modified National Championship.

Adequatelighted, paved parking is available at the park.  There will be no chargefor parking.  However, a nominal admission fee shall be charged. Single day passes will be available for $7.  Tournament passes will beavailable for $16.  Pre-school children will be admitted free with a paidparent or guardian.  Teams will be given entry passes for all rosteredplayers, two (2) coaches and one (1) manager.

Tournamentrules shall be in accordance with current Official ASA Championship PlayingRules.

The hometeam shall be determined by a double coin toss prior to the start of eachgame.  Official four-part lineup cards will be supplied for allgames.  Team managers or their designee should bring a completed lineupcard listing first and last names, position and uniform numbers of starters andsubstitutes to the base of the flag pole for lineup exchange and coin tosstwenty (20) minutes prior to scheduled game time.  The team listed at thetop of the official bracket shall use the first base dugout.  The teamlisted at the bottom of the official bracket shall use the third basedugout.  EXCEPTION: Whenever a team plays back-to-back games on a fieldthat team shall stay in whichever dugout they are already in to save time andeffort.  Only rostered players, coaches and managers are allowed in theteam dugout.
Absolutely no batting practice or batted infield practiceshall be allowed on the championship fields.
In order to provide a safe, clean andpleasant environment for all park patrons to enjoy, please be aware of thefollowing Zenoff Park and City of Stevens Point; failure to follow may resultin expulsion from the tournament:
·                    Pets are not allowedinside the softball complex.
·                    Glass containers areprohibited.
·         Absolutely no carry-ins (Except forwater jugs)
·         Roller blades, roller skates,skateboards, bicycles and scooters are prohibited for safety reasons.
·                    Weapons of all type arebanned from park property.
·                    Recreational vehicleovernight parking is not allowed at the complex.
·         Please help us keep our facilitiesbeautiful by properly disposing of your trash in the provided receptacles.
Matt Disher
Network Administrator/Agent