Memorabilia Items

June 29, 2008


It’s June 29th, a sunny Sunday morning in southern Wisconsin and I’m sitting at home going through a basket of Fastpitch Chronicle memorabilia from the early 1990s.
I’d much rather be at a ballyard somewhere watching top level men’s fastpitch but at four bucks a gallon and unbelievable airline costs, I decided a better way to connect to men’s fastpitch is to dig through this old stuff and sort it out.
Some of it is destined for the recycling bins not too far from my house but some of it just might be of interest to former players, fans or “Chronicle” subscribers who still follow the game via Al Doran’s outlet.
I started sorting things out yesterday. I have compiled a list of articles that are full of great information, although 15 to 18 years old. I’ve decided to offer the entire package for sale and will donate the proceeds from the sale to the ISC Carrol Forbes Foundation.
I have several more baskets of things to “pitch” so this is just the first package of items offered.
Here is the list:
From 1990
ASA Men’s Masters National Fastpitch Official Program which includes all the team rosters and more. There are two programs in all.
 ISC World Tournament Programs from Victoria – there are two of them and I especially like the PayLess ad with the Payless ball players included
Vancouver Magicians Souvenir Program – this program includes some great articles by Wayne McKay, Al Mitchell, Steve Frost writing about then 29-year-old Darren Zack, two other Zack articles, pictures of the entire team and more
 ASA Men’s Major National Tournament Program – this is the program from the infamous “illegal pitch” controversy involving an umpire from Michigan and a pitcher from New Zealand throwing for The Guanella Brothers – Chubb Tangaroa. Those of us in attendance remember the Mankato ASA tournament well.
From 1992
Clearwater Bombers Team Program. Features Mitch Harter and Rob Scheller on the cover standing in front of a WWII fighter/bomber.
Four ISC World Tournament Program booklets from Salt Lake City
Bloomington, Illinois Arby’s Team Booklet
 ISC World Tournament Program Booklet from Kimberly
 Winfield Jubilee Cup Program from New Zealand
 ASA Major Men’s Tournament Program from Decatur, IL
Perth, Ontario Shootout Programs – there are three of them
Taylorville, Illinois Blues Team Program
From 1998 – ASA Men’s National Team Festival Program from Sioux City, Iowa
From 1953
NSA Softball News – This is a photocopy of the entire publication and includes some old, great information including articles about the tournament to be held in Salt Lake City; Eddie Feigners four man team getting ready for ’53 season; Calvert, Texas team and more
Interested readers should contact Bob Tomlinson at faspich1@aol.com for more information. The items will be listed on e-bay or on Craig’s List.