Albaugh Inc. Invitational Results

July 1, 2008

Elkhart, IA

Albaugh Inc. Invitational Results
Elkhart, Iowa

The weather was unseasonably cool and WINDY for most of the weekend for the Albaugh Inc. Invitational.   Elkhart and Midwest Stampede/Albaugh would like to thank all teams that participated.  Here is a summary of all games played over the weekend.   Thank you to all the volunteers that assisted with the tournament.  An event like this can't be done without you.

Pool Play Game Results

Friday, June 27th

Java House   5    Hopeville   4
WP:  Simoni    LP: R. Manley

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  9  A&L Farms  1 
WP: J. Manley  LP: Dubsky

Saturday, June 28th

Thomson  10   State Theatre  3
WP: ???         LP: Munkle

Java House  13   State Theatre 5
WP: McKinney   LP:  Vulk

Thomson 4   Hopeville  2
WP: ???   LP:  R. Manley

A&L Farms  11  Kegal  6
WP:  Dubsky  LP:  Bryne

Townline  10   A&L Farms  3
WP:  Gibson  LP: 

Thomson   5  Java House  3
WP:  ???   LP: Simoni

Hopeville  1  State Theatre 0
WP: R. Manley  LP:  Munkle

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  3  Kegal  2
WP:  J. Manley  LP: Wood

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  8  Townline  5
WP:  Luster   LP: Gibson

Townline 5  Kegal 4   8 innings
WP:  Gibson  LP:  Wood

Final Pool Play Standings

Pool A

1. Midwest Stampede  3-0
2. Townline   2-1
3. A&L Farms 1-2
4. Kegal 0-3

Pool B

1. Thomson 3-0
2. Java House 2-1
3. Hopeville 1-2
4. State Theatre 0-3

Single Eliminate Tournament Results

Kegal  7   Thomson  3
WP:   Bryne   LP:  ???

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  9  State Theatre  1
WP: J. Manley    LP:  Munkle

WP: Shales   LP: R. Manley

A&L Farms  5  Java House  3
WP: Dubsky   LP: Simoni

Townline  1   Kegal  0
WP: Gibson  LP: Wood

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  8  A&L Farms  2
WP:  J. Manley  LP: Sabate

Midwest Stampede/Albaugh  8  Townline  7  8 innings
WP: J. Manley in relief of Luster in 7th  LP:  Jamison

Tournament Champion  Midwest Stampede/Albaugh

Tom Owen