July 15 - Roster Deadline For World Tournament Program

July 1, 2008

Salt Lake City, UT

July 15 is deadline for teams to send an updated or revised roster for printing in the Kimberly Tournament program.
Hopefully, each manager has saved the original roster submitted around May 1.  If so, simply insert any changes, additions, etc onto your saved copy and send it to the following email addresses:
If you did not save a copy of your May roster, let me know and I'll email attach it to you.
Please try to include each player's home town and uniform number.  Also, it is very helpful to the Host Committee if you can place player family names in the far right column so they can pre-stuff team packets with the proper number of tournament passes for players, wives and children.
Again, your July 15 roster submission will be used in printing team rosters in the tournament program.  If revised rosters are not received by the time they print the program, they will have to use the information submitted in May.
The final opportunity for roster changes will be August 4.
Thanks for your cooperation.