World Vintage Softball Carnival-where will you be next April?

July 2, 2008

Hawaii, USA

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Vintage Softball
Vintage Softball
Newsletter vol #4 - June 2008
World Vintage Softball Carnival-
where will you be next April?
Entries continue to come in as teams take up the opportunity to participate in a unique celebration of softball-the 2nd World Vintage Softball Carnival to be played on Oahu, Hawaii between April 19 and 26 next year.
This newsletter provides an update on the teams that have entered; their playing category; teams that have indicated they are on their way and the opportunity for teams still deciding to make their entries.
Unfortunately some of the accommodation is already taken but please be assured we have back-up apartments and hotel rooms in Waikiki that will suit but again be aware that allocations do get taken up quickly so if you have a hotel or apartment block in mind it may pay to be in sooner rather than later.
Don't hesitate to be in touch with any queries, comments or suggestions and maybe start thinking about where would be a good place for the 3rd World Vintage Softball Carnival to be played in 2011 but in the meantime Hawaii here we come!!!!!!!
Yours in softball
Dianne McDermott
Vintage Softball Office
Level 1, 250 Mahurangi East Rd
PO Box 78, Snells Beach 0942, New Zealand
Telephone: ( 64) 9 425 5294; Facsimile: ( 64) 9 425 6956
Email: dianne@vintagesoftball.com
Website: www.vintagesoftball.com
Let the Love of Softball take you to Paradise
Join The Parade of Teams
Perth Cats making a spirited entry to the Rotorua International Stadium for the Opening Parade in Rotorua.
Following a number of suggestions we have added a Parade of Teams to the program that will take place on the 1st morning of the Carnival at Central Oahu Regional Park Complex.
All participating teams will enter the Complex in full uniform and will be introduced to supporters and one another as they take their place in the Parade of Teams.
It promises to be a colourful and enjoyable way to get the playing of the Carnival matches under way.
All teams will be encouraged to dress in their uniforms and lets us all get to know who they are and how they will look during the Carnival.
Enjoy a Hawaiian Welcome
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Don't forget the Carnival Welcome Party which will be held at the world famous Tiki's Bar and Grill overlooking Kuhio Beach.
A past winner of Hawaii's Best New Restaurant Award, Tiki's Bar and Grill offers a wide range of American and Pacific specialties. During the evening we will be offering substantial finger foods, a range of beer, wine, soft drinks and the famous Tiki Punch.
The Welcome Party offers 3 hours of fun and friendship in fabulous surroundings amongst softball teams and players from all around the world.
Teams Looking for Player and
Players Looking for Teams
Fastpitch2We have launched a Player Exchange which will appear on our website at www.vintagesoftball.com.
We have a number of individual players who wish to join a team and we have teams looking for players. Details will be on the website and updated on newsletters and there is no reason not to enjoy the fun, friendship and competition of the 2nd World Vintage Softball Carnival.
Part teams, teams that may be one or two players short and individual players should keep an eye on the website to find out who you/they can join and be part of the Carnival.
So if you are a team looking for players just click here and let's us know your requirements.
Or if you are a player looking for a team just click here and give us your details.
We will put details on our website at www.vintagesoftball.com and in successive newsletters but in the meantime here are the first two of the Players/Teams Exchange Requirements:
Keith Jamson from Thames Valley in England tells us he has a few players and is looking for a Slowpitch team to join - preferably from the UK but he's not adament about that. Keith's email is keith@chessman.co.uk
Dennis Webb from Tewantin in Queensland is looking for a Fastpitch team to join. Dennis can be contacted on dwe76188@bigpond.net.au
We will do everything we can to match you and ensure you get maximum enjoyment from the Carnival.
Old Friends Returning
Some old friends are returning, the popular (and talented) Human Kinetics Slow Pitch team from Florida who won their games and the hearts of the teams and followers at the 1st World Vintage Softball Carnival in Rotorua have again entered the Mens Slow Pitch Division. We are looking forward to renewing our friendship with Julie and Rainer Martens and their team in Hawaii.Hair isn't everything
The Human Kinetics in their distinct black and blue uniforms mixing with the Easy Riders from Queensland after another successful outing.
And mixing with the locals.
And also returning are our fun friends from Ireland...
Photo Wild Rovers Team
The Wild Rovers Co-ed Slow Pitch teams travelled the furthest to be in
Rotorua closing banquet1 Wild Rovers
Rotorua and are preparing for more long distance travel to renew friendships and make new ones. A more than useful softball team and a fantastic, fun group off the diamond, it is exciting news that they are going to be part of the 2nd World Vintage Softball Carnival and believe us, they are fun....
Keep an eye out for more Returnees in subsequent Newsletters.
Here Come the Vintage Softball Newbies
~We have a large number of new teams who are going to be taking part in the 2nd World Vintage Softball Carnival and we will feature these teams in subsequent Newsletters.
Among our new teams are the Casey MVPs from Melbourne, Australia - a competitive fastpitch Womens Over 35 team who are looking forward to the fun, friendship and competition in Hawaii.
Our team has been playing in Australian and Victorian masters since our youngest member (Jodie) turned 35. Before that she wouldn't let us play! Our first tournament was the Pan Pacs in Queensland where we took out Gold! Since then we have played in as many tournaments as we can. We love to have a drink, go out and have fun, meet people and make new friends ...and of course play softball... and what better way of doing it than playing masters...We can't wait to go to Hawaii for the sun, surf and SOFTBALL!!! See ya there!!
Casey MVPs
Melbourne, Australia
Teams That Have Entered
Wileys Angels,
Victoria, Canada. New
Mens Fast Pitch
The Heat,
Vancouver, Canada.New
Womens Fast Pitch
Wild Rovers,
Ireland . New
Coed Slow Pitch
Human Kinetics, USA . New
Mens Slow Pitch
Melbourne Wanderers No 1,
Australia. New
Mens Fast Pitch
Melbourne Wanderers No 2,
Australia. New
Mens Fast Pitch
Bayside Bears,
Australia. New
Womens Fast Pitch
Pilbara RABS,
Australia. New
Mens Fast Pitch
Vicsens, Australia. New
Womens Fast Pitch
Aussie Mozzies,
Queensland, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Blue Thunder Down Under,
New South Wales, Australia
Womens fast Pitch
California Mudcats,
California, USA
Co-ed Slow Pitch
Casey MVPs,
Victoria, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
DJM Masters Womens,
Mt Isa, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
DJM Masters Mens,
Mt Isa, Australia
Mens Fast Pitch
He Maumahara Softball Team,
North Harbour, New Zealand
Womens Fast Pitch
Queensland, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Lightning Strikes,
Queensland, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Public Missiles,
Auckland, New Zealand
Co-ed Slow Pitch
Redbacks Womens,
Queensland, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Redbacks Mens,
Queensland, Australia
Mens Fast Pitch
Redsox Ramblers,
Queensland, Australia
Mens Fast Pitch
Rossini's Masters,
British Columbia, Canada
Mens Fast Pitch
Queensland, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
New Hampshire, USA
Womens Slow Pitch
SOS Rusty Studs,
Alberta, Canada
Mens Slow Pitch
Southerns Masters,
Western Australia, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
The Cruisers,
New South Wales, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Ol Skool,
Florida, USA
Mens Fast Pitch
Sydney Old Stars,
New South Wales, Australia
Womens Fast Pitch
Porirua, New Zealand
Mens Fast Pitch
Houston Force,
Texas, USA
Mens Slow Pitch
Teams Planning to Come-Entry in the Mail?
Republic of Palau (Slow Pitch); Powerguard International, USA (Slow Pitch); plus teams from Fort McMurray, Canada (Slow Pitch), Thames Valley, England (Slow Pitch); Missoula, Montana (Slow Pitch); Them, British Columbia, Canada (Slow Pitch); Rochdale, New York (Slow Pitch); London, England (Slow Pitch) and a whole lot more who are making their minds up to join the Carnival. Combined with the local Hawaiian teams, it is pretty obvious this is going to be a truly international field so if you are interested please do not hesitate to get your entry in very soon.
We have been promised a good number of local Hawaiian teams who will take part in all divisions both Fast and Slow Pitch and who will ensure good local competition for visiting teams.
Is that really Elvis?
One of our Vintage Softball Characters
Easy Riders - New Zealand Tour Mar 2007 315And now appearing for the first time in Roto-Vegas -ELVIS!!!!!
Easy Riders Special Guest Elvis Joined the Party
It is alleged that, at the time of death, Elvis would have weighed 307kgs if he were on Jupiter. This turned out to be somewhat of an exaggeration when Elvis made an unofficial appearance at the Vintage Softball Carnival in Rotorua in March 2007!
Yes! Elvis left the building and went straight into left field turning out for the Easy Riders Slow Pitch team and coming in at well under the above weight, in his blue suede cleats.
Elvis showed he's certainly not lost any of his old moves judging by the way his legs were all shook-up in the batters box while facing the dangerous pitcher from Public Missiles.
He was frequently heard around the diamond humming that old favourite:
'.._ My Team mates done told me, Coach done told me too
That bat you're foolin' with, it ain't no good for you
But that's all right Mama, that's all right with you
That's all right Mama, anyway you do _ '
While his team mates might have preferred (hummed to the tune of In The Ghetto):
'.._ Then one game in desperation
The old man breaks away
He takes a signal, steals a base,
Tries to run, falls on his face
And his team mates cry
In the dugout ... _ '
Thanks for the memories Elvis, can't wait to see you in Hawaii 2009!...One of the real Elvis' favourite haunts.
Submitted by Gerry Munden of Public Missiles
Why Not Join Us in Hawaii?
We still have places available in all categories of competition at the 2nd World Vintage Softball Carnival and will welcome further entries until we reach the Closing Date of 31st January 2009 or the various categories are full. We do have limits on the numbers of teams we can accept and do not wish to see any teams miss out on an interesting and exciting opportunity to play against teams from all over the softball world.
If you are thinking of entering NOW IS THE TIME to make sure you will be enjoying the Vintage Softball Carnival in Oahu, Hawaii between April 19 and 26, 2009.
Enter now by clicking below for:
And do not forget that you can take part by joining our Team and Players Exchange, just click below:
We are looking forward to welcoming teams, players, officials and supporters to join us and enjoy a great softball experience in the Pacific Paradise that is Hawaii.
Closing Date Confirmed
Unfortunately we have to have a Closing Date for entries and that date is 31st January 2009. The date will be subject to the various categories becoming full and so the term we are using will be as follows..
Entries will close on 31st January 2009 or as the competition categories entries are filled. Regrettably no late entries will be taken and the competition category entries will if necessary be topped up with entries from local Hawaiian teams.
Full fields for all categories are virtually guaranteed.
Weather Forecast for Oahu in April 2009
Unfortunately we can't give an absolutely accurate weather forecast but what we can do is give a summary of what the weather has been during April in years gone by.
It seems that April in Hawaii features the following wonderful characteristics:
Average Temperatures
78 degrees
Average Temperature Highs
85 degrees
Average Temperature Lows
68 degrees
Average Sunshine Hours per Day
8 to 9
Very little
Light to moderate
Weather in Hawaii is very consistent, with only minor changes in temperature throughout the year. dheadThere are really only 2 seasons in Hawaii: summer (called Kau in Hawaiian) from May to October and winter (Ho'oilo) from November to April. The average daytime summer temperature at sea level is 85º F. (29.4 C) while the average daytime winter temperature is 78º (25.6º C). Temperatures at night are approximately 10º F. lower.
Hawaii's trade winds mean there is almost always a cooling breeze. Hawaii's near-shore water temperatures remain comfortable throughout the year. The average water temperature is 74º F. (23.3 C), with a summer high of 80º F. (26.7º C).
The wettest months are from November to March, but winter rains do not generally disrupt plans, since the weather is very localised. This means that if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot to be found around the coast.

And we can keep others up to date too....
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