Entry Update - ISC World Tournament & ISC II Tournament of Champions

July 2, 2008

Salt Lake City, UT

Below are the teams entered as of July 2, 2008 in both ISC World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions.
ISC World Tournament
1.  The Farm Tavern (Defending Champs)
2.  Stone Yard (Host Team)
3.  Texaco Pirates - Bahamas (International Berth)
4.  Niagara Snappers (ISC II Move-up Berth)
5.  Bar of Appleton (ISC II Move-up Berth)
6.  Jarvis Gamblers (E. Canada TL '07)
7.  Patsy's (CPI Qualifier)
8.  Dolan & Murphy (Dick Tracy Qualifier)
9.  Pueblo Bandits (Joe Santos Qualifier)
10. Midwest Stampede (Walcott Memorial Qualifier)
11. Circle Tap (Wisconsin State Tournament I)
12. Townline (Wisconsin State Tournament II)
13. Bar of Green Bay (Wisconsin Classic TL)
14. Kitchener Rivershark Twins (Hallman Legends Qualifier)
15. Aspen Interiors (Horse Lake Qualifier)
16. Team Rainey/IAC (Best of the West Qualifier)
17. Portland/DeMarini (Best of the West - from Lodi Shootout)
18. Thomson Area Merchants (Grafmeier Qualifier)
19. Broken Bow Gremlins (Invite)
20.  Vancouver Grey Sox (Invite)
21.  Midland Explorers (Midland Qualifier)
22.  Saskatoon Diamondbacks (Ducks Unlimited I)
23.  Horse Lake Thunder (Ducks Unlimited II)
24.  Casa Trejo A1 Bombers (Rose Cup Qualifier)
25.  Ashland Mets (Ashland Qualifier)
26.  St. Thomas Evergreen Centennials (Jarvis Qualifier)
27.  MinnDak Millers (invite)
28.  Scarborough Wolverines (invite)
29.  Quad City Sox (Iowa Qualifier)
30.  A & L Farms (Stampede/Albaugh Qualifier)
31.  Kegel Black Knights (Invite)
32.  Keg & Cask (Invite)
ISC II Tournament of Champions
1.  South Lebanon TNT (Defending Champs)
2.  Taylor Farms Lumberkings ('07 ToC Runner-up)
3.  Bar of Appleton II (Host Team)
4.  Ottawa Team Easton Thunder (E. Ontario Challenge Cup '07)
5.  Kitchener Outlaws (Ontario Challenge Cup)
6.  Palermo Athletics (Highest Finisher '07 E. Canada TL Play-off)
7.  ASB Villard (West St. Paul '07 Qualifier)
8.  Keating Fitness ('07 MAFTL)
9.  Memphis Posse (War Eagle Qualifier)
10. Chicago Fastpitch Club (Hustlehogs Icebreaker Qualifier)
11. Clay Face (Kelowna May Days Qualifier)
12. Innovative Communications (Best of the West - from Santos Qualifier)
13. Earl's Club - Wisconsin State Tournament
14. Bulyea Rustlers (Canada West ISC II Qualifier I)
15. PDC Comets (Canada West ISC II Qualifier II)
16. Rude Pac (Best of the West Qualifier)
17. Sioux Falls Sox (Huntimer Qualifier)
18.  NY Knights (Midland Qualifier)
19.  Cutro Professional Inspections (CPI Qualifier I)
20   Carp 14C Victory Consulting (CPI Qualifier II)
21.  Pete's Blues (Kelso Klassic Qualifier)
22.  Ashland Stockpack (Ashland Qualifier)
23.  River City Rockers (Rose Cup Qualifier)
24.  Waterdown Hammer (E. Ontario ISC II Qualifier)
25.  Elora Wellington Brewers (SW Ontario ISC II Qualifier II)
26.  Wilber Lime (Eau Claire Qualifier)
27.  Wyevale Tribe (E. Canada Travel League)
28.  Elmira Cubs (SW Ontario ISC II Qualifier I)
29.  Bridgeport Braves (SW Ontario ISC II Qualifier III)
30.  Winterset A's (Iowa Qualifier)