ISC Under 19 Tournament - Frankenmuth, MI

July 6, 2008

Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth, MI

Results from Saturday's action at the ISC Under 19 Tournament in Frankenmuth:

Winners Bracket

Oshawa, ON 7
Sebringville, ON 0

Stevens, PA 7
Kitchener, ON Kolts 0

Glencoe, ON 4
Cobourg, ON 3

Oshawa, ON 2
Kitchener, ON Twins 0

Oxford, ON 6
Stevens, PA 2

Glencoe, ON 5
Munger, MI 4 (8 Inn)

Newmarket, ON 3
Frankenmuth, MI 2

Oxford, ON 4
Oshawa, ON 2

Glencoe, ON vs. Newmarket, ON was the other winner's bracket semifinal
(no results yet), with the winner facing Oxford in the winner's
bracket final at 10:30AM Sunday.

Loser's Bracket

Stevens, PA 10
Sebringville, ON 1

Cobourg, ON 9
Frankenmuth, MI 5

Kitchener, ON Twins 3
Kitchener, ON Kolts 1

Sebringville, ON 12
Cobourg, ON 8 (Cobourg eliminated)

Kitchener, ON Twins 9
Munger, MI 6

Stevens, PA 12
Munger, MI 0 (Munger eliminated)

Kitchener, ON Kolts 9
Frankenmuth, MI 5 (8 innings - Frankenmuth eliminated)

Kitchener, ON Twins 10
Sebringville, ON 8 (Sebringville eliminated)

Kitchener, ON Kolts 6
Stevens, PA 5 (Stevens eliminated)

It's an all-Canadian Sunday as all three US entries have been
eliminated. Oxford, Glencoe, Newmarket, Oshawa, and both Kitchener
entries (Kolts and Twins) remain.

Games start at 9AM Sunday, with the championship game scheduled for
1:30 and the "if" game at 3.

Scott Stasik