Tri Nations Cup in Saskatoon - play by play

July 6, 2008

Saskatoon, SK

- You can now listen to the game via the internet as Jon Equina. is doing a live play by play web broadcast of the Ramada 3 Nations Challenge. He is doing it through yahoo voice conference so any one wanting to listen can add John at jonequina@yahoo.com and he will invite them to the conference

Both games are on today.

 Game 1:

We are in another rain delay in the bottom of the sixth with the score still 5-3 Japan over the U. S. don't expect the final to start untill after 4:00 if rain stops soon.

Back in action at 4pm - on live now at yahoo. T7  9-3 for Japan

Japan has advanced to the final of Ramada 3 Nations Challenge as a result of a 9-3 win over the U.S. They will play Canada in the final scheulded to start at 4:37
Championship Game:
Todd Martin starting for Canada with Craig Crawford catching.
Canada are the home team.
Martin walks first batter and then gets 3 out to end the first half inning.

Wolfe leading off, hits to deep CF, out while Wolfe already on his way to 3b. 1 out.
Rob Giesbrecht up next, out
Mason at bat, with a 2 out single past 2b
Jody Eidt up with 2 out and runner on 1b, up the middle, runners on 1st and 2nd.
Keith MacKintosh is up, with 2 out, has had 6 RBI in two games, poped out to CF, out, strands 2.

Martin pitching strikes out first batter, strike 3 swinging.
left one runner on base to end the inning.
oops, crash, pardon me while we waste ten minutes re booting

0-0 score
Rob Giesbrecht leads off, out, no he is on
Mason up, slapped - pops to RF, out - 1 down
Jody Eidt, out, now 2 out
Keith MacKintosh is up, one on base, out. one LOB

sounds as if Trevor Ethier is in to pitch. I believe Todd Martin had a plane to catch back to Toronto. lost a few hours due to rain delays today.
strikes first batter out
catcher is up with 1 out, out, now 2 out
3rd batter out
Underhill is warming up for Canada

Pitching change for Japan
Malloly is up first, makes it to 1b
Ian Fehrman, no one out - bunts, doulbe play?
Craig Crawford, --- 2 out
Jeff Ellsworth - out
one LOB

still 0-0 game
first batter strikes out
second batter, out
third batter, out
fast work for Ethier

0-0 game now 5:47 Sask time
Ryan Wolfe leads off - out
Rob Giesbrecht, with 1 out, pops up, out
Mayson up, with 2 out, out.

0-0 game, 5:55pm local time
Dean Holoien in to pitch. He was earlier replaced in the tournament by Martin due to an injury he had in Monkton but is going to give it a spin today.
first batter, called strike 3
second batter, runner on 1b, on a hit
next batter, hits into a double play to end the inning! nice def play!
6pm Sask time.

new pitcher for Japan , some delay
Jody Eidt bats first - 2-2, out on grounder to 2b
Keith MacKintosh up, 3-2 full count, time called by Tosh, pops up for the out. two away
Stephen Mullaley up, with 2 out. 3-2 full count, drives it to of, out.
still 0-0 - 6:11pm Sask time - seems like some of the Japan pitchers are taking forever

Holoien still pitching, planting a bit differently than usual due to his recent injury, but throwing hard.
first batter flys out
second batter, 3-2 full count, strikes out, 2 out
SS is up next,  strikes out.

0-0 game
6:16pm Sask time
Canada's chance to win it here
Ian Fehrman up first, 0-2 count, hit off the pitchers glove, and Fehrman is safe on 1b
Craig Crawford, the catcher, 1-0 count, bunt, moves the runner to 2b
Jeff Ellsworth with 1 out and runner on 2b, outfield playing shallow, 1-2 count, over cf head, drives in the winning run!

Ellsworth is the hero today, winning RBI and the championship for Canada!
Fehrman, Crawford, Ellsworth work to bring in the one run needed to win the big one.

EXCELLENT play by play by Jon Equina from Saskatoon.