Game reports Decos EHS - The Netherlands

July 8, 2008

Haarlem, The Netherlands

Haarlem, The Netherlands July 7th 2008 
First of all my apologies to all of our friends around the globe for having to wait so long on an update on Decos EHS Bulldogs. Working for a project on the Olympic Games takes up a lot of my time nowadays. For all of you that will go to Beijing, be sure to come over to the Holland Heineken House. I'll buy you a beer!
I'll just report the last three games but for all the stats of this season please check http://www.knbsb-stats.nl/knbsb/stats08/comphs08/index.html
June 28th, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
Game 1 Spikes - Decos EHS 0-7
New Zealand pitcher Jared Welsh is showing great form lately cutting back on the walks hardly allowing any hits. He certainly showed that in the two games against Spikes throwing a one hitter in the first game and a no-hitter in the second! The large field of Spikes allowed the speedy Decos EHS team to turn singles into doubles and that's exactly what lead to the 1-0 lead in the first inning. Lead off hitter Dave Hazel turned a single into a double, was bunted over by Anthony Beaumont and scored on a grounder by Scott Dale.
After two outs, two runs were added when Allan Hazel got on with a single, stole second and scored on a single by his brother Dave. He then stole second and scored on a single off the bat of Anthony Beaumont who stole second himself after that. We showed great speed stealing 4 bases in this game. Two more runs were added in the third when Rody Stam lead off with a walk, Jeffry Visser singled and got to second on the throw to third.. Stam scored on a sac fly to center by Rien Smulders which brought Visser to third. Visser scored on a double by Allan Hazel. Two more runs were added in the 4th by Dave Hazel and Anthony Beaumont which ended the game (mercy rule 5 innings).
Jared Welsh (10-1-1) pitched a great game and the only hit Spikes had was an infield single of Stefan Thillemans. Welsh only faced 17 batters in 5 innings. For all the game stats please check: http://www.knbsb-stats.nl/knbsb/stats08/comphs08/result.087.html
Game 2 Spikes - Decos EHS 0-8
We got on the board quickly in this game scoring four in the first. Again Dave Hazel lead off with a single and turned it into a double. Beaumont got himself on with a bunt single and Hazel scored from second base on the throw to first. I must say, as a manager I love having those speedy guys on the team...Beaumont scored on a grounder by Scott Dale. Etienne Meijer hit a line drive single followed by a deep homerun off the bat of first Baseman Rody Stam. He was followed in the second by a solo homerun by Auke Maat. The bats were silent until the 5th when we got three runs. Scoot Dale lead off with a single, got to third on a double by Etienne Meijer, followed by an intential walk for Rody Stam. Jeff Visser came through with a single which scored Dale and Meijer and Stam scored on a fly ball by Rien Smulders.
Welsh threw an excellent no-hitter with 6 k's and only two walks!
July 2nd, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Decos EHS - DVH 8-0
Another great game by Jared Welsh (1 hitter) and a fantastic end of the game when Michel Groenhart ended the game by hitting a monster walk off grand slam. Again we started well with a hit by Dave Hazel who got to second on an error by the center fielder. He got to third on a sac bunt by Beaumont and scored on a deep fly ball by Scott Dale. We scored two more in the second on hits by Dave and Allan Hazel. Scored the fourth run on a solo line drive homerun by Anthony Beaumont. The final word was to veteran short stop Michel Groenhart....End what an ending it was....
July 5th, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
DVH - Decos EHS 2-8
Another solid performance by Decos EHS. We scored again in the first what is starting to look like a trademark by now. This time it was Anthony Beaumont who got on on a single to left field, got to third on passed ball and scored on a SAC fly by Michel Groenhart. Decos EHS added three more in the fourth. A single by Scott Dale, was followed by a walk for Auke Maat followed by an inside the park homerun by Allan Hazel. DVH got a run back by a homerun of Hiro Kakizoë. Decos EHS got the run back immediately, when Groenhart scored on an error and a couple of passed balls. DVH scored in the bottom of the fifth when Eugene Martha scored on a double by Angelo Clementia who tried to make it into a triple but an excellent 9-4-5 relay got him! Decos EHS scored three more in the 7th with hits of Beaumont, a triple by Meijer and a single by Scott Dale.
Decos EHS pitcher Jared Welsh allowed only four hits and struck out ten.
The game stats will be published later this week.
Decos EHS is currently leading the Dutch Competition with Centrals being one game behind. The team is in great shape and is a great mix of speed and long ball hitters.
Norman Ames
Decos EHS Fastpitch, Haarlem, The Netherlands