Bench Talk July 8th Fred Wallace

July 9, 2008

Owen Sound, ON

Bench Talk/Off The Wire....

I'm pretty bushed.

And so are a lot of people connected with the Keady Jets Bantam Fastball club.

Bushed, in a very good way, though.

Last weekend, the Jets, their parents and their supporters staged a highlysuccessful O.A.S.A. Bantam Elimination tournament at
DuncanMcLellanPark in Owen Sound.

There are a number of levels to examine, but let's start with the organizationof the affair which was as perfect as the weather.

Everything zipped right along, yes with the odd hiccup, but nothing that wouldbe considered anything other than a twist of circumstance.

Now let's talk about fastball.

The Stratford Memorials who have an outstanding pitcher in Michael Legace Rootewon the tournament, going 5 & 0 and beating a dogged Central FrontenacCyclones team 3-1 in the final.

Legace Roote threw every pitch for
Stratford, andwith his size and skill, he'll be a fixture in fastball for as long as hewants.

And finally, the Keady Jets ball club easily played the two most exciting gamesof the entire affair; beating Central Frontenac early in the tournament 6-5 inextra innings and then losing a heartbreaker 4-3 to Springbrook in extrainnings to get knocked out of the tournament late Saturday night.

From every angle, the OASA Bantam Fastball tournament hosted by the Keady Jetswas a major success and truly has set the table for the Canadian JuniorChampionships next month at

Fred Wallace
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