Boys of Summe wrap

July 14, 2008

Denmark, WI

July 14
Denmark, WI USA

Hello, I would just like to say a few words in closing out this years
tournament. First, Congrats to Broken Bow for an excellent tournament.
With the tournament win they have earned a berth for the 2009 World
Tournament in the Quad Cities. This years tournament ran pretty well.
When you have 16 super teams in one place it's hard to make everything run
perfectly but overall it went well. Friday night after the games we got
blasted with rain overnight which kicked Saturday off a little later than
our scheduled times, no more than an hour late however.
A big thank you to all the teams for making this years event another
successful one. Thanks to the fans who filled up the stands throughout
the weekend. The crowds were very solid throughout the weekend as well as
on Thursday night for the exhibition games.

Thanks to:
Mark and Justin Loritz who took care of the grounds.
Karen Conrod for scoring and announcing the games at CT and sending scores
The KC's for scoring and annoucing at the Upper
Joe "speedy" Lancelle and Josh "Critter" Leiterman for scoring the lower
Omar and Nancy Lancelle for concessions at the lower and all the signage
Hank DeWild for loading all the into the computer which makes selecting
the all tournament teams a whole lot easier.
Dean Oscar and Buddah for their all-tourney votes and over seeing the
action in Denmark
Hank St.Clair for being the UIC and recruiting and handling the umpires
All of the CT staff for their efforts
Darren Derricks for making it all happen
Tom VanGroll for giving safe rides back to hotels
Brett Bresnahan for loading box scores on our website
Al Doran for posting scores to the world.
I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, if so I apologize

All box scores are on the Circle Tap website