Northern Ontario Fastball Championships

July 15, 2008

Sudbury, ON

The interest in the Northern Ontario Fastball Championships for ladies and men (the third annual) is picking up following the announcement on Al's Fastball web site .There was one omission that of the dates which are August 15th to 17th .As of today we know of the commitment of all 6 league teams plus interest now from the Manitoulin Island Fastball league with six teams, the North Shore League with 8 teams `, fastball team out of Ottawa`with Scott Dumonchi ,ladies team in Sudbury , ladies team in London ,ladies team in Blind River ,men's team out of Bear Island ,ladies team out of Notre Dame du Nord Quebec with Sabrina Wabigishihik. This interest is certainly interesting and with more inquiries could be much bigger than the one in 2006 and 2007 .I'm looking for at least 12 mens teams and 8 ladies teams.If there are more certainly the prize structure will change.

                                               The deadline for entry fees of $375 and your full roster is 21` days away.Once again if you need further inquiries  please email me or call Todd Parsons at 693-7624 or Pat Brennan at 222-0447.

                                                There will be no exceptions for the deadline .If your cheque is one day late but postmarked August the 5th (the deadline) it will be accepted.

                                                At the moment if there should be 12 men's teams we would go with pool play while if the ladies were 8 than it could be championship bracket play. Should the men go to 16 (which I'd love) than we would have championship bracket play.Get your money and your rosters in .
                                                Cheques to be made out to
                                             Rick McDonald Memorial Fastball League and mailed to
                                   Northern Ontario Fastball Championships
                                   c/o Roger Legendre
                                   Public Relations Officer
                                   968 Jeanne D'Arc Street
                                   Hanmer , Ontario
                                   P3P 1R9
                                                          Roger Legendre