Midwest Stampede Travels to Boys of Summer in Denmark , Wi. at Circle Tap

July 18, 2008

Denmark, WI

The Beautiful colored Stampede in the Teal and Orange on Grey Uniforms made their mark going 3 - 1 for the weekend . As we traveled to Denmark for the Boys of Summer Softball Event , we anxiously awaited seeing The Main Diamond and all that this Tournament has been talked and read about ! The Atmosphere is World & National Tournament like with The Fans and the Grill Smoking those Famous Wisconsin Brat's .

On Friday night the place was Buzzing as Townline and MinnDak were on the field . Patsy's and The Lumberking's were at the other Softball Venue displaying their Fastball Skills . To walk thru and Absorb the Atmosphere before stepping onto the Playing field always brings Butterflies and Thrills for what is about to take place. To get to Watch The Stampede with a 20-1 record and # 6 ranking and with 3 Tournament Title's in 2008 , that include wins over The Farm 7-4 , Broken Bow 8-7 in 8 inn. , 2 victories over Townline 8-5 and 8-7 . Their only blemish in 2008 was to Townline on the short end of a 5 -4 score.

The 3 wins on Saturday made for a Great day of Action on the lower diamond . The neighbors were tossing the Home Run ball's , Blasted into their back yards back onto the playing field and than getting out their lawn chairs to watch Big Time Ball across their fence which was also Right Field ! A few young boys were in races shagging Numerous foul balls bouncing onto the parking lot. Playing in these tournaments is also a Fantastic Opportunity to see all the other top teams in action.

We were disappointed to hear Sunday's match-up with The Farm was NOT on The Main Diamond at Circle Tap but on The Lower field once again We were 3-0 on Saturday and The Farm was 1-2 , hard to believe ! The game had Everything in it from bounce's off the plate for a hit to Line drives to Long Fly balls carrying into back yards . Tough Pitching with the Popping of the Glove almost every pitch and yet the score would end 8-7 with The Final Swing from Ben Fjelland having All Gasping as the Contact of Metal onto Ball Sounded as the Score was about to change in Favor of The Midwest Stampede 9-8. The Catch by the Center Fielder ended our Hope and Action for Sunday !

It is The Stampede request that in 2009 we have Scheduled games for Circle Tap Main Diamond ! The Fans Missed out on seeing The Midwest Stampede and their Exciting Style with the Skill & Talent Level they bring to the Game ! The Teal & Orange are Traveling to Aurora as I type this info to all of you As The Nation and World enjoyed All of the All -Star Festivities and HR Derby and the Marathon 15 inning Game itself , the Platform and Stage for Major League Baseball will always be The Grand Ballroom ! For ALL of US who Live for THE GAME of FASTBALL , we continue to Strive in Sharing our Passion and Love for what keeps us Living & Breathing both Great & Historic Pastime's ! PS  I would like to see The Legends of Fast-pitch now Fastball - be on the Field as MLB did in the Introduction Ceremonies last Tuesday night . The Game will continue to GROW because of those who played and brought their Gift's & Talent's and made an Impact on the field and off the diamond as well . May the Sounds & sights of the Action have the Crowd Roaring as WE all Swing for The Fences !!!