33rd annual Dunkirk, NY

July 21, 2008

Dunkirk, NY

results friday

chil;i peppers 4
Dunkirk 2

wining pitcher Dan Duenmo
losing pitcher Bob Hoacker

Woodstockn 8 
GN E Tent 0

Winning pitcher Mike Pullon
Losing  pitcher Scott  Kawski


Erie Bud defeated Dunkirk Falcons by the score of 5-0 to claim the 33rd annual Dunkirk falcon club tournament. Bill Hillhouse pitched the win against Tom Berbue as many local fans came too watch the hometown team play its fourth game on Sunday. This years games were competitive and low scoring but entertaning to watch, here are the results:

game 3 falcons 4 -smoke 0 wp tom berube Lp Matt Sumersvill ,

game 4 erie bud 4 Lackawana 2 wp Bill Hillhouse Lp Scott Marshall ,

game 5 chuli peppers 5 Rochester 4 Wp dan Duemo Lp ? ,

game 6 Woodstock 2 Ricola 1 Wp Jamie Simpson Lp Jeff Van Husen,

game 7 Smoke 4 GE tent 0 Wp Jim Ross Lp Scott Kawski

Game 8 Lackawana 4 Dunkirk Falcon "B" O WpScott Marshall Lp Bob Honaker

Game 9  Rochester 3 Smoke 0 Wp Chip Gifford Lp Matt Sumersville

Game 10 Ricola 6 Lackawana 0 Wp Van husen Lp Scott Marshall

game 11 Peppers 1 Falcons 0 Wp Dan Duemo Lp Tom Berbue

game 12 Erie Bud 1 Woodstock 0 Wp B Hillhouse Lp ?

game 13 Falcons 3 Ricola 1 Wp Berube Lp Van husen

Game 14 Rochester forfite

Game 15 Erie Bud 5 Peppers 0 Wp Hillhouse Lp Andy Hicks

game 16 Falcons 2 Woodstock 0 Wp Berube Lp jamie Simpson

game 17 Falcons 3 Peppers 2 Wp Berube Lp Dan Duemo

Tim Wdowiasz