ISC World Tournament Rosters - August 4th Deadline

July 25, 2008

Kimberly, WI

To all World Tournament teams! August 4th is the deadline for all 32 World Tournament Qualifiers to turn their final WT roster.
Not the 5th, not the 6th but the 4th.

If a team does not send me a roster then, your team will be using the July roster or in the case of 2 teams the May roster as the official World tournament roster.

I received 15 rosters on or before July 15th and received the 30th roster today the 25th of July.

I have sent all rosters received to AL for him to work on and include these rosters on the ISC website.
Two rosters are from May.

I am very much looking forward to Kimberly. Judging by the scores I have seen at the various tournaments reported this will be a very competive tournament. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. See you all in Kimberly. Due to job commitents I have not traveled and seen games as I usually do. I really wanted to go to Denmark WI for The Boys of Summer and had to work all weekend so I need my fastball fix bad.

Thanks,Gary Baughman I.S.C. Statistician

ISC World Tournament Rosters - Due August 4 - Final 

This is a reminder to all ISC World Tournament teams that the final date for roster changes is Monday, August 4.
Again, simply modify your copy of your previous roster and submit to the email addresses below.
We strongly encourage you to complete the far right column with first names of player's immediate family members (living under the same roof) expecting tournament passes.  With this information on the roster, the KRA can have your entire package of passes ready at Registration Saturday evening.  Failing to complete this portion will delay you receiving passes as they will have to count them out after registration is completed.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Rosters go to: