NAFA Master's World Series Wrapup

September 26, 2008

Rockford, IL

2008NAFA Masters World Series Wrap Up-All World Selections
The completedbrackets are on theNAFA website at The 2009 NAFA Masters World Series will beheld September 11-13 tentatively in RockfordIllinois for the East and definitelyin Carson City, NevadaSeptember 18-20 for the West. The 55-Over will be held in the EastOnly. TheWomen’s 35-Over will be held in the West Only. Based on the coachessurvey’s wehave received so far, we will be adding an additional game for a 4-GameGuarantee (3 round robin games followed by single elimination onSunday). Currently the plan is for each team toplay onegame Friday night, 2 games on Saturday and then the Single EliminationonSunday. Some teams have requested 3 Saturday round robin games and noFridaygame. We will try and accommodate theirrequests as much as possible but the consideration of all teams willtakepriority. If we did play Friday night itwould be after 5pm with furthest driving teams playing at 6:30 or8:15pm or 10pm. The Masters Survey can be printed out and emailed to us. It isonline at  
Many of the surveyresponses haveasked for a way to make sure games stay on time on Saturday in theround robinusing one of the following methods; tie breaker, time limit or 5 inninggames.Everyone agrees that the Sunday Elimination play should have no timelimit, be7 innings and not have a tie breaker unless it is after a lot ofinnings. InCarson City, players asked that due to the high elevation that thehomerunfences be moved back from the present 250 feet to somewhere between 265and 275feet. The palm pilot scorekeeping in the West was so awesome that weare tryingto work out having them in the East also for 2009. The courtesy runnerfor thepitcher and catcher only was well received and well enforced by theumpires.The older age groups have asked for an additional fielder to have acourtesyrunner as well and we will be looking into that. We will continue theageeligibility rule for all ages (3 players, 3 years too young that arenotpitchers) but the 55 Division where all players have to be turning 55in thecurrent calendar year. We will continue to do player ID checks in theEast andstart them in the West in 2010. The newball was an overwhelming success and we will use it again next year. Onthesurveys many people have swung to desiring the yellow ball but not amajorityyet but we need to address it soon as it is about even on white versesyellowon the surveys.
We wouldlike to thank TerryKnight and his staff at the Bowling Green Complex in Middleton, Wisconsinfor bringing in 3 backhoes, skinning 4 infields and making unplayablefieldsplayable very quickly once it stopped raining at 2:30pm and had fieldsup by4pm on Saturday. The staff at Veronadid very well also using 30 bags of diamond dry to get their fieldsplayable.With the amount of rain we had it was close to a miracle that the staffwasable to get the fields playable. We started at 4 PM playing 5 inninggames andgot all games in by 2 AM. We started again at 7 AM on Sunday and gotall gamesin playing 7 full innings and got done just 10 minutes before itstartedraining again. Thanks to Tournament Directors Mike Watson and JonKegel, LorenLathrop for doing an outstanding job of administering this event andthanks tothe Umpires and Tournament UIC Hank St. Clair for putting in a lot oflatehours on the fields.
We would also like tothank JoelDunn and his staff (especially Jeremiah) for hosting such an awesomeevent withperfect weather in Carson CityNevada. The homeruncontest was ahit Friday night and the games went very smoothly all weekend. Due tothe numberof teams we had to play on a 5th field for the first timeand thatwent well also. Special thanks to Loren Lathrop, Dewey Yoke and RobertHernandez for administering the event. Thanks to Roy Stout for handlingthegate.  Thanks to Jan, Mike, Kate, Sylviaand Tammy for doing palm pilot scorekeeping and stats and specialthanks toTournament UIC Steve Vail and the umpires for doing a great job. KrisRussomdid an awesome job with souvenirs at both East and West events.
With a record numberof teams inboth the East and West, our NAFA Directors would like to thank each ofourteams for choosing NAFA and making us #1. The 2009 season will be even better as we will have 80 Mastersteams (48in Rockford, Il. And 32 in Carson City) as wellas over228 classified teams that will participate in our NAFA World Seriesevents in2009. The dates and City’s for the classified World Series will bereleased onour website October 1st.
NAFA Executive Director
35-Over East
MVP Matt Smith, Blackhawk Athletic Club
Most Valuable Pitcher, Jeremy Holman, New Image
All World Selections
Bryan Lathrop, Pitcher, New Image
Steve Krupke, New Image
Shelby Blindert, New Image
Joe Benash, New Image
Ray Reynolds, Pitcher, Blackhawk Athletic Club
Tom Crouch, Blackhawk Athletic Club
Dirk Morgan, Blackhawk Athletic Club
Drian Elliot, Blackhawk Athletic Club
Kurt Evans, West Central Budweiser
Kevin Noltemeier, RD-SF
Dan Ushen, RD-SF
Randy Zink, RD-SF
Eddie Oswalt, Schneids Bar
Orv Sumwalt, Schneids Bar
Vince Blom, Schneids Bar
35-Over West
MVP Brian Ree, Team Jones
Most Valuable Pitcher, Mark Bennett, Team Jones
Rob Gehrke, Team Jones
Kevin Rassmussen, Team Jones
Terry Traverso, Team Jones
Tom Adams, Team Jones
Rusty Newnan, TaylorFarms
Jason Porto, TaylorFarms
Mark Summers, TaylorFarms
Jeff Twist, TaylorFarms
Mario Pereira, TaylorFarms
Dave Drotzman, Pitcher, Team Jones
Aaron Wilcox, The Juice
Graham Bullock, The Juice
Ray Biagina, Bay Area Merchants
40-Over East
MVP Terry Boetsma, Cary’sTrucking
Most Valuable Pitcher, Duke Vanderark, Cary’s Trucking
Jeff Kucharcyk, Cary’sTrucking
Brian Boyd, Pitcher, Cary’sTrucking
Shannon Damron, Cary’sTrucking
Steve Myers, Cary’sTrucking
Tony Peoples, Pitcher, Sprayers
Chris Hammock, Sprayers
Bill Kranz, Sprayers
Doug Messerschmidt, Sprayers
Kevin Kammueller, Pitcher, Jordan Realty
Mike Jordan, Jordan Realty
Bill Lesner, Jordan Realty
Robert Caven, West Central Budweiser
Brett Hughes, Riley Tavern
Tony Koehler, Pitcher, Ramsey Financial
Ricky Clampett, Ramsey Financial
Mike Roberts, Ramsey Financial
Shannon Smith, Tree’s Drive-Thru
40-Over West
MVP Ginn Barnes, Utah FP
Most Valuable Pitcher, Steve Black, Utah FP
Tommy Gray, Utah FP
Sean Hogue, Utah FP
Craig Gilman, Utah FP
Russ Paskins, Utah FP
Paul Algar, Pitcher, CalStateBuilders
Paul Reyes, CalState Builders
Dewey Christianson, CalStateBuilders
Dean Waltiers, CalState Builders
Tom Dower, Fat City
Todd Hodge, Fat City
Randy Clay, Long BeachBlack Sox
Anthony Rocha, Long BeachBlack Sox
Dan Pleasence, Long BeachBlack Sox
Fred Hanker, Long BeachBlack Sox
Dean Clark, NAFA Yard Dogs
Tom Dudley, NAFA Yard Dogs
Randall Bailey, Tule LakeAces
45-Over East
MVP Steve Hamming, Planggers
Most Valuable Pitcher, Brent Stevenson, Planngers
All World Selections
John Saggis, Planggers
Keith Peterson, Planggers
Dale Horton, Planggers
Doug Middleton, Pitcher, Harold’s
Kerry Shaw, Harold’s
Kevin Shaw, Harold’s
Mike Cavender, Harold’s
Jeff Bruton, Harold’s
Dan DeGraff, ElkhartIowa
Tony Cody, HollandPlumbing
Craig Sommers, HollandPlumbing
Duke Sims, HollandPlumbing
Rob Miscovich, InsuranceCenter
Mike Davenport, InsuranceCenter
Randy Smith, InsuranceCenter
45-Over West
MVP Jamie Thoms, CVT Oil Field Services
Most Valuable Pitcher Don Kirkham, CVT Oil Field Services
All WorldSelections
Ken Ramchuck, CVT Oil Field Services
Trevor Hall, CVT Oil Field Services
Chris Higgins, CVT Oil Field Services
Bud Sander, The Fog
Ben Limosnero, The Fog
Mickey Ventura, The Fog
Pete Favaro, Pitcher, The Fog
Wade Max, TulsaGray Sox
Richie Hunt, TulsaGray Sox
Eugene Freeman, TulsaGray Sox
Mike Drew, TulsaGray Sox
Dennis Brownfield, Savala Painters
Tom Bikko, pitcher, Savala Painters
Brian Manderville, Ladner Masters
George Denton, Ladner Masters
Paul Gard, Ladner Masters
Mark Connolly, Oregon Masters
50-Over East
MVP, Mickey Fleeman, Harold’s Supermarket
Most Valuable Pitcher, Ray Foster, Harold’s Supermarket
All World Team Selections
Jody Brazelle, Harolds
Mike Cavendar, Harold’s
Clayton Fleeman, Pitcher, Harold’s
Larry Cushman, Pitcher, InsuranceCenter
Paul Bruha, InsuranceCenter
Bob Tomlinson, InsuranceCenter
Bruce Pirkle, InsuranceCenter
Don Kershner, InsuranceCenter
Charlie Detweiler, Bowar Electric
Randy Gehrke, Bowar Electric
Scott Lunman, Cardinal Home Improvement
Lou Heller, Cardinal Home Improvement
Steve Sinelli, Masterkey
Don Haskin, Masterkey
Steve TowersDes MoinesMetros
Mark Brayfield, Nohren Farms
Jay Mix, Nohren Farms
Bob Spores, Mike’s Horseshoe Bar
Steve TowersDes MoinesMetros
Dennis Rennard, Duck Creek
Jeff Hudson, Duck Creek
Rick Ferry, Duck Creek
Bruce Bielema, Sand Prairie Construction
Al Gillingham, Sand Prairie Construction
Brad Bay, Sand PrairieConstruction
John Mceldowney, Kelly’s
Lee Noel, Pitcher, Kelly’s
Bob Albaugh, Kelly’s
Bill Berkenpas, Kelly’s
Steve Betts, OhioBattery
Nick Mercury, Ohio Battery
Bill Mceldowny, OhioBattery
50-Over West
MVP Jim Decatur, Seattle FP
Most Valuable Pitcher, Dan Kolda, Seattle FP
All World Selections
Andy Watson, Seattle FP
Terry Sparrow, Seattle FP
Craig Rassmussen, Pitcher, Seattle FP
Pat Crow, Seattle FP
Jim Brundage, Long BeachDeadwood
Mitch Mendenhall, Long BeachDeadwood
Doug Shaw, Long BeachDeadwood
Dan Zupp, Pitcher, Long BeachDeadwood
Dan Giese, Long BeachDeadwood
Dan Smith, Hellman Motors
John Morales, Hellman Motors
Randy Lawson, NW Old Growth
Brian Stanton, NW Old Growth
Dean Wescott, NW Old Growth
Lonnie Brooks, Pitcher, Si Senor
Ray Glenn, Si Senor
Eric Linnell, Bay Area Merchants
Ray Baker, So CalRelics
Tony Vierra, So CalRelics
Dave Anderson, Nevada Power
MVP Al Killian, Cardinal Home Improvement
Most Valuable Pitcher, Kirk Parsons, Cardinal HomeImprovement
All World Selections
Leon Donahue, Cardinal Home Improvement
Lou Heller, Cardinal Home Improvement
Lee Patton, Cardinal Home Improvement
Mike Drew, Texas Stars
Mike Hazel, Texas Stars
Steve McFadden, Pitcher, TexasStars
Jim Ballee, TexasStars
Joe Diaz, Texas Stars
Craig Coons, TexasStars
Nick Dean, Masterkey
Mike Clark,Pitcher, Masterkey
Gary Christianson, Masterkey
Charlie Detweiler, Bowar Electric
Al Gonzales, Mike’s Horseshoe Bar
Rick Daniels, Nohren Farms
Chuck Snow, Nohren Farms